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Patient suffers from fibromyalgia, interstitial cystitis, depression, and sinus surgeries. She has had a total of 36 surgeries and was on over 10 medications at one point. In the past, she had difficulty sleeping and was only comfortable sleeping in a reclining chair. Slight touch and clothing could cause an extreme amount of pain. She has suffered with total back pain her whole life. Se has pain from her her neck down to the end of her spine. She has been experiencing right foot pain for the past 20 years. She wears orthodics in her shoe, but still experiences pain when walking or standing. She feels pain when bending or sitting in one position for too long. She has been experiencing brain fog for many years. With the NBE Treatment, her pain is gone, she has more energy and is able to work and travel, she is off all her medication, and feels an over all well-being. She is also slowing losing weight. (RS #232 9/8/07 #245 8/2/08 #359 3/29/14)

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