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Shoulder Pain, Hamstring Pain, Limited Range of Motion, Wrist Pain, Chest Pain, Knee Pain, Rash on Neck, Dry Skin

 Armon ( YT ) has sustained right shoulder and hamstring pain from a football injury.  The pain flares up whenever he runs. Running also aggravates his low back pain.   Armon experiences a sharp pain on the right side of his chest approximately every other week.  The pain is intense enough that it causes him to have to sit until it passes.  Armon also has right knee pain that sometimes occur when his kneecap “pops”.   He has had dry skin since childhood, mainly in his hands and finger tips.  He strained his left wrist while weight lifting and now experiences wrist pain.

After the first NBE treatment, Armon reports greater flexibility and that much of his pain symptoms are gone.

Fibromyalgia, Interstitial Cystitis, Depression, Sinus Congestion, Back Pain, Neck Pain, Foot Pain, Brain Fog, Sleep Apnea, Weight Loss

(Dixie is a repeat guest.  Follow her story, see RS #232 9/8/07 RS #59 3/29/14 YT Part 1 , YT Part 2 )

Dixie suffers from fibromyalgia, interstitial cystitis, depression, and sinus surgeries. She has had a total of 36 surgeries and was put on more than 10 medications at one point in her life.  Slight touch even from clothing would cause an extreme amount of pain.  Dixie also suffers from total back pain most of her life and has radiating pain from her neck down to the end of her spine.  Additionally, she has been experiencing right foot pain for the past 20 years. She wears orthotics in her shoe, but still experiences pain when walking or standing.

With the NBE treatment, much of her pain is gone. She is off all her medications, has more energy, and is able to work and travel. Dixie feels an overall improvement of her well-being. She is also slowing losing weight.

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