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Neck Pain, Shoulder Pain, Low Back Pain, Sciatica, Scoliosis, Digestive Problems, Constipation, Bloating.

Jose (see #360 4-5-2014) has neck, shoulder and low back pain for many years. He also suffers from scoliosis and bilateral sciatica that causes pain and numbness in his legs. He has had digestive problems for the past few years and tends to be constipated and bloated. He feels hungry and then when he eats he feels full very quickly allowing him to only eat a small amount at a time. With the NBE treatment, he feels less pain in his back.

Back Pain, Hip Pain, Groin Pain, Neck Pain, Confusion, Depression, Anxiety, Digestive Problems, Chronic Fatigue. 

Angela (RS #24 3/10/01 RS #28 4-7-01, RS #33 5-12-01) has had back pain for over ten years. The pain extends into her right hip. She cannot sit for more than two hours without pain. She also suffers from digestive problems for many years. She suffers from chronic fatigue and she feels like her adrenal system gives out after 3:00 pm every day. She feels her immune system is depleted. She has had right hip and right groin pain as well as neck pain. She has suffered from confusion, depression, anxiety, irritability and trouble sleeping. Her constipation has been a life long problem. She was also diagnosed with Lyme disease along with mercury poisoning. With the NBE treatments all her pain is much improved and she is now more energetic.

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