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Jerry (caller from RS #20 2-10-01, RS #37 6-9-01) – Chronic neck pain, Asthma and phlegm, COPD, CTS, Dizziness, Prostate Cancer, Kidney Removed

Angela (from San Diego) (see RS #28 4-7-01, RS #33 5-12-01 #224 7/7/07 #359 3/29/14) – Clinical Nutritionist, Decades of environmental sensitivity, back pain, hip pain, extreme fatigue, depression, candidiasis, thyroid problems. Consulted numerous alternative M.D.’s, Went to Mexico. Therapies she has sought include wheat grass enemas, colonics, IV therapy, vibrational therapy, electrical therapy, chelation, ozone, hyperbaric oxygen, coffee enemas, B-12 shots

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