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Tinnitus (ringing in ear), Nocturia, Urgency (urination)

 Beverly (caller from Huntington Beach) This registered nurse has suffered from high pitched ringing in her ears for the past 6-7 years. Dr. Tong explains that her root problem is caused by deficient circulation and energy in her kidney and bladder.

Fatigue, Anxiety, Weight Loss, Depression

Stewart (from Utah) Stewart is a successful distributor of nutritional products. He has been healthy all his life and has always had tremendous energy (skiing 7 days a week after working all day). However, in December of 2002, the patient went on a trip to Korea and suddenly became ill. He also experienced energy loss. Approximately one week later, he was concerned with his health because his energy was not rejuvenated. He went to see a general practitioner and was told to get some sleep because he was most likely sleep deprived. He was also prescribed sleeping pills which did not help. Although he had anxiety, his blood work indicated no abnormalities. He decided to see an osteopath and the test indicated that he had adrenal fatigue. He was given adrenocortisone injections and B complex shots once a week. He showed some improvement after 3-4 weeks. However, it was temporary. He was then referred to Dr. Tong by James (see #4 9-30-00, #85 8-10-02, #94 10-12-02 #115 4-26-03, #132 8-23-03, #328 3-23-13 YT Video). He consulted Dr. Tong and has received a total of 6 treatments in the past 2 weeks, commuting from Utah to California once a week. Stewart has found tremendous improvement after Dr. Tong’s treatments. Not only does he have his energy back, but he also has zest and enthusiasm for living. He has also taken Dr. Tong’s nutritional advice which has also given him improvement in his health. 

Liver Cysts

 Nadine (caller from Buena Park) Nadine had cysts in her liver which were inflamed and were drained 5 months ago. However, she can start to feel the cysts filling up with fluid again. Dr. Tong explains why draining her cysts is the wrong thing to do.

Pemphigus, Knee Pain

 Max (caller from Costa Mesa) – Max is currently a patient of Dr. Tong’s who has been on Prednisone for Pemphigus. He wants to taper off his prednisone because of the severe side effects from the medication.

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