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Sinus Infection

(Rocky from Redondo Beach YT Video #121 6/7/03 RS#312 10/6/12PI 8/12/99 PI 4/2/99 ) – Came to Dr. Tong 2 years ago and was considering sinus surgery. He had a sinus infection and went to traditional M.D.’s. He was put on antibiotics for 5 months which did not relieve his symptoms. His doctors recommended a surgery that would drill holes into his sinus cavity to relieve the drainage. His post nasal drip was so profuse that ropes of mucus would come out. His eustachian tubes were also plugged, which did not allow him to balance, and also caused a lot a pressure to build up. His job requires him to travel, which made his problem even worse. Rocky went to see Dr. Tong on a friend’s recommendation before his scheduled surgery. After 5 treatments with Dr. Tong, his condition was 90% improved. A polyp in his left nostril which plugged up his breathing for 5 years was improved almost immediately. Recently, stress and eating the wrong foods caused some of his symptoms to return, but at a much lesser degree. He has been getting tune up treatments with Dr. Tong for the past 3 months and is much improved again. He has also noticed that after Dr. Tong’s treatments, he has increased flexibility.

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Asthma, Allergies, Bacterial Infection, Candida

(Ann Marie, see RS #44 8-4-01, RS #48 9-8-01, RS #149 2-28-04 #274 2/27/10) Her knee pain is now completely gone and now even stronger than the other one. She found that her asthma is also serendipitously cured after 2 treatments from Dr. Tong. She was on asthma medication for 8 years, which she had to take every day including Servent, Pomocort, and Prednisone. The medication was expensive and did nothing but give her weight gain and depression. She tried using a “home care nebulizer” to treat her asthma which only ended up increasing her heart rate. She had so much mucus in her chest that she had to sleep with 2 pillows to feel comfortable and needed an air purifier by her bed, which still did not prevent her from spitting up during the night. Now she needs only one pillow, does not need an air purifier, and is off all her asthma medication, without any asthma symptoms.

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