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Letter to the Editors, the Journal Nature

Dear Editors, 

This is a rebuttal to the article “Covid vaccines: time to confront anti-vax aggression” by Peter Hotez, 27 April, 2021 on your Journal. I shall use scientific laws, placebo studies and cases of infections cured with natural therapies to support the rebuttal.

The graph of Einstein’s Relativity Equation is adopted from former Stanford Professor W. Tiller, Ph.D. The L. upper quadrant is the physical world of <+> space/time and the R. lower quadrant is the etheric <-> space/time, which in quantum mechanics are the particle and wave elements, respectively. The latter is aka the mind/soul/spirit world. 

I’ll first use the Law of entropy to debunk vaccinations (VA). Entropy is the behavior of matter that becomes disorder with time. Since disorder is disease, order would be health. And to cure a disorder would be to restore health. Matter being entropic means that it cannot cure disorders to sustain health. Thus, using vaccines to treat CV19 violates the Law of entropy. Using the CV19 VA to treat the various variants is unscientific, as the virus of each strain (eg., B.1616) must be isolated to develop a VA for B.1616, which takes years while viral mutation takes days. By the time a VA for B.1616 comes out, the virus may have mutated many times. 

Vaccination is a misnomer. VA is the process of injecting billions of pathogens into the body, which causes the infection and not prevents it. as Fauci said time 3:00 the vaccine makes you worse…when you vaccinate someone, they got infected with what you try to protect them with…You actually enhance the infection.” CV19 VA are labelled as genetic therapy, as the main ingredients are viral genes, which must insert themselves into the host genes to survive. The infected host cells are recognized as foreign and attacked by immune cells, causing autoimmune disorders. Since VA cause only harm, the correct label should be bioweapon rather than therapy.

Every placebo study comparing vaxxed and unvaxxed subjects shows that the vaxxed group always became more sick and carried more pathogens! Yet CDC continues to push for different new VA. Despite the fact that flu shots increase the chance of CV19 infection by 68%, there is no attempt to stop them.  60 studies 

It is immunity and not germs that matter in infections, as L. Pasteur finally admitted that his colleagues A. Bechamp was correct regarding the cause of infections: “ It is the terrain (tissue immunity) and not the germs”. Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) observed that innate immunity is governed by unseen immaterial life energies of the spiritual realm, which is the R. lower corner of the graph denoting the <-> space/time, with <-> energies and <-> entropy (negentropy). Note that entropy cannot be <+> here or we’ll rot to non-existence. 

Note that the spiritual realm is infinite in size, meaning that the physical world is “0” and will always be “0” in size compared to the spiritual realm. In other words, no matter how much we examine the material world, we’ll always know “nothing” about our existence. Knowing “nothing” will always be the case as long as we use the material approach. The puzzle of quantum entanglement, for example, will not be clarified by the western material model, but can be easily explained with eastern energy science.

More to come … would appreciate suggestions from Dr. Yuan and other scholars…


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