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February 25, 2021

The crossroad of materialism vs. spirituality

Humanity is at a crossroad of materialism vs. spirituality. This century-old enigma is ending with an apocalyptic purge of the world that dwarfs similar crises in history. A greater existential threat to our society, however, is the insatiable desire of the ultra rich Cabal to control global resources and enslave humanity with unscrupulous means.

The Cabal uses its material wealth to subvert governments, politicians, and corrupt scientists to achieve their goals at the expense of health and human lives. They funded government institutions such as the NIH, CDC, FDA, etc., to channel tax dollars for their benefits. 

They donated large sums to global organizations such as the UN, WHO, WTO, etc to influence their policies. The corrupt politicians, called Deep State, are pervasive in most nations. The battles between righteous officials and the Deep States are also the sign of an end time crisis. 

In an era the Indians call Kali Yuga, truth and myth are frequently mixed up. The most blatant example is the concept of vaccine/vaccination (VA), which is a main tool the Cabal uses to reduce (kill) fractions of humans that they consider undesirable, and to control their birth rate with anti-fertility drugs or VA.  

The deception of VA

When one injects pathogens into the body via VA, one has actually caused the infection the VA is supposed to prevent. Thus, to vaccinate is to infect the body, and not to prevent the infection. 

Even Fauci admitted ,“the vaccine makes you worse……when you vaccinate someone, they get infected with what you try to protect them with …You actually enhance the infection.” time 3.04 Medical Tyranny

The drug and medical industry misguide the public on the false benefits of VA. The industry was created by the Rockefeller family, who relentlessly weeded out natural healers in the early 20th century to gain an allopathic monopoly. Rockefeller Medicine  medical-control-medical-corruption/ Billionaires such as Bill Gates has joined the monopoly and colluded officials of CDC, NIH, FDA, and other institutions. 

For centuries, the Rockefellers have spearheaded the Great Reset 2030 at the WEF with a one world government to control all nations and strip humanity of private ownership of personal items, such as land, home, clothing and banking. The rich Cabal would control the masses with compulsory digital VA implants and rationing food, meat and other resources. View this video again until you feel the imminent danger.

Humans will lose all freedom and become slaves, whose worth is tied to the obedience and the ability to aid the system. This mental derangement is beyond imagination! Yet it’s happening at a warped speed. They have diverted public attention and succeeded in destroying the world economy with CV19! 

This is more serious than any crisis humanity has ever faced, as living without any freedom is worse than death!  Inaction will lead to a doomsday!

I am not the Eastern Saint who is prophesied to come save humanity. But I was sent by the Universe to help, as I am have the medical skill to foil this evil plan that no one has. I’ll let you know how you can help. 

Spiro Skouras and like-minded individuals try to awaken the public. Sadly, few have heeded their warning.

UN Agenda 21 is a continuation of Agenda 2030. Rosa Koire said after 2030, the UN will eliminate borders between nations, cities… and move people to cities to free up lands and the resources. Gates have teamed up with Monsanto-Bayers to grow GMO crops for impossible meats, GMO veggies, terminator seeds, etc. Antifertility drugs and VA will be used to depopulate the less desirable humans!.

UN NWO CV19 project Helen Buyniski said CDC has instigated massive in-home PCR testing of CV19, antibodies and contact tracing  to create more fear and anxiety about the Pandemics for the compliance of global VA. 

Bill Gates Call For Mass Vaccination & Global Governance Time 8.49, the day after receiving a large donation from Gates the WHO declared CV19 a Pandemic. Time 37.54 Fauci predicted in 2017 that “there will be a surprise outbreak” of infections in 2019. Similarly, Gates predicted with a maniacal smirk that a more serious pandemic on 12-20-20 that will get the public attention Great Reset 2030 at the WEF.

All indications show that the pandemics are really plannedemics! Time 39.12, in a poll from Spiro@o_rips involving 2251 viewers, 88.8% felt that Gates was a much larger concern than North Korea or Iran.

 The UN and Central Banks:  A Rockefeller and Rothschild Coup 

German lawyer Fuellmich: Overnight a top German virologist changed his view of the CV19 being a benign virus to a serious infectious agent, just as WHO declared CV19 a Pandemic just a day after receiving a large donation from Bill Gates.                                                                                                                                                        

Kary Mullis, inventor of the PCR test who died in 2019, (23.38) told people on numerous occasions before he died that the test is not for detecting infections. Also, it was invented before he knew about CV19! An African President decided to do the test on a banana and papaya, and found that both tested positive!!

So the PCR Test is not for detecting CV19!! Watch this video before it is removed.

Moreover, naturalists have forced the government of Dublin, Ireland, to admit that the CV19 virus has never been isolated!! This is confirmed by MIT scientist, Andrew Kaufman, MD, who also said that No CV virus was isolated. Moreover, he indicated that VA companies skipped animal trials and tested mRNA VA on humans.

The whole thing about CV19 diagnosis is a hoax!

Please watch the video NOW! I have received a warning from Google that I have violated the YT guidelines by trying to post it on my YT channel, as the video in some areas has been removed. 

The alarming part is that Spiro Skouras’ videos have not been widely viewed, reflecting the apathy and  skepticism of the public. That is why the Cabal has been making great progress on their agendas. 

If you do not want yourself or family to be enslaved like animals in the new system. Help me to fight it.

CV19 is all about money and control

Dr. Fauci wrote in a NEJM Editorial on 3-26-20,the overall clinical consequences of Covid-19 may ultimately be more akin to those of a severe seasonal influenza (which has a case fatality rate of approximately 0.1%) or a pandemic influenza (similar to those in 1957 and 1968) rather than a disease similar to SARS or MERS, which have had case fatality rates of 9 to 10% and 36%, respectively.2(direct copied and pasted from NEJM)

Dr. Pam Popper reading from copies of WHO, CDC data  show that Influenzas in the past 10 yrs had a fatality rate 0.10-0.18%, or an average of 0.13%. The fatality rate of CV19 in 2020 is also 0.13%! 

Hence, there were years when the flu was more deadly than CV19, yet there were no lockdowns, no mandatory use of masks, isolation and distancing for normal people!  Also, there was no push for VA, because one cannot patent on natural viruses! 

News not from the MSM and government, i.e., alternative media and private citizens, always show that lockdowns cause more problems. I will write another article to explain this with true science.

It’s all about money and control! 

The Gates’ have a close tie with top health officials, FDA, big Pharma and MSM. There is a concerted effort to promote VA by concealing the problems of VA and suppressing doctors from promoting less costly alternatives… Through propaganda by MSM and pseudoscientists, they instill fear with hyped up death data to misguide people into getting the CV19 VA without any evidence proving that VA can cure CV19.

The only evidence that VA works is from the words of Bill Gates who has had no medical training!! 

The scientific community has accepted his words as gospel, as medical schools do not teach the true scientific approach to treating infections, which is to strengthen immunity.

Immunity depends on negentropic qi, which the allopathic medicine knows nothing about. Can we keep ignoring this information that is critical for health? Not when biowarfare has become part of our life. 

Let me first present studies to prove that vaxxed subjects are consistently much sicker than unvaxxed people! Therefore they carry more germs and are more infectious! Hence, get rid of the notion touted by the authority that unvaxxed people are more dangerous. It is another big twist of fact and myth.

Then I’ll expose fallacious principles of VA. Finally, strengthening immunity is the only way to control infections, and the best method is to use the NBE method to enhance immunity and health!

Studies consistently show that vaxxed kids are sicker than unvaxxed kids

Children’s Health Defense (CHD) has assembled nearly 60 studies that find vaccinated cohorts to be far sicker than their unvaccinated peers. 

  60 studies

(Top L) —  allergic rhinitis is 60X higher in VA’d subjects. CDC’s own study shows that MMR VA increases the odds of Autism 3.34X, but it has made no recommended change in MMR schedule. Instead, it decided to destroy the data. It was Dr. William Thompson, the lead researcher who exposed this. In fact, Thompson was forbidden to public talk about this!

A study comparing VA’d vs unVA’d on 2000 children who were following for 3-10 years shows that vaccinated kids are consistently sicker than those who did not get the VA! This is logical as VA’d kids carry more germs – those from VAs in addition to that in their body naturally! However, the VA industry through MSM they own has succeeded in brainwashing the public that unVA’d subjects are more dangerous. 

In fact, all sickness parameters are significantly higher for VA’d subjects. The disheartening fact is that not a single case where VA provided any benefit over unVA. An alarming case in January 2020 showed that Influenza VA caused 36X increase in CV19!!! This means that the number of CV19 infections and attendant deaths should skyrocket, especially during flu season, as flu shots continue to be given. 

Deaths from Pfizer mRNA vaccines.

January data on CV19 VA deaths.httpsEarly deaths from Covid VA as of Jan, 22,2021                                

Mid January, /Nearly-7-000-Americans-bad-reactions-COVID-vaccines-113 deaths                          

February 2021 from UK Shocking Report from UK on side effects of Covid VA                             

Deaths from Pfizer VA James is a CNA working in a senior home in the US, which did not have a single death from Covid in 2020. Yet the residents were dying “like flies” in January 2021 within weeks after receiving the Pfizer VA!   

Prof Cahill explained why many deaths will result from mRNA VA   The new VA contains new genetic materials that have never been tried on humans. It also has animal tissues and fetal materials that can cause allergic anaphylaxis! As with DNA VA, neurotoxic heavy metal and chemical preservatives in the VA adjuvants produce inflammatory responses needed for the VA to work.

The gene fragments stimulate and attack the immune system, but never HELP it. The expectation that the pathogens or its gene fragments would help the immune system to fight its own kind is absurd. It is akin to terrorists into a country and hope they would help fight terrorism! 

Moreover, the gene fragments insert into the host cell’s genome so they can replicate along with the host cells. The immune system recognizes the genetically altered host cells as foreign materials and attacks them. This gives rise to a myriad of auto-immune disorders that is pervasive in modern societies but absent in primitive areas where VA are not used. 

As mentioned, VA is a process of infecting the body,  which is the reason senior residents who refused VA do not get sick. As Professor Cahill pointed out the more VA used, the more deaths will result.

Covid is an AI flu comparable to the seasonal flu. 

CV19, however,  is a man-made virus that was patented, hence there was an all out chase for a vaccine. A further proof is that a much cheaper drug alternative is suppressed. Doctors were banned or even arrested for promoting these alternatives.

Fauci was grilled by Sen. Rand Paul who presented data from 22 European nations showing CV19 cases had flattened to nearly zero, and that not a single case of child to adult was found around the world. Another Congressman vilified his policy of allowing violent protests where policemen were injured, but banned church gathering. Despite having no proper reasons for these irrational policies, Fauci refused to open lockdown.


The fallacies of vaccination 

**VA cannot be used on someone who is already infected. This means that VA does not enhance immunity. As we’ve proved above, VA actually infects the body, adding more pathogens would add more burden to the immune system! 

a substance used to stimulate the production of antibodies and provide immunity against one or several diseases, prepared from the causative agent of a disease, its products, or a synthetic substitute, treated to act as an antigen without inducing the disease:

“there is no vaccine against the virus”


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