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1.Biden was elected President of the USA, which is an Inc. unbeknown to most people that was bankrupt in 2019. As a CEO of an insolvent CoBiden has no authority to govern the nation.

2.He also has no support from the army. On his way to the inauguration, the elected Commander in Chief of the army was greeted by the whole army standing with their backs to his car.

3.DT has kept the right to use Air Force 1 as well as the 3 football keys for nuclear war.

4.Widespread voting fraud by the Dem Party in collusion with foreign (Italian…) governments using Dominion software to alter votes in the USA.

Xmas gift from Italy

Vote fraud time 1600

5.the Lockdown in DC is to lock up the corrupted politicians and prevent their escape from DC

6.from now to late March, thousands of high level political leaders will be arrested.

7.Both Biden and Nancy are under house arrest. Biden is wearing a foot brace on his R leg purportedly injured by his dog. John McCain wore the same brace on his R leg and mistakenly on his L leg at different time (He had never been seen in hospital for his “cancer”)

The best proof that DT is still in charge is his scripted and directed Inauguration of Biden, which is a mix of video taping at the White House combined with clips shot at Castlerock Co. a private studio with backdrop of the Oval Office. The off-site clips of the Oval office did not match the decor of the current one. Also toward the end, there was Hunter Biden’s voice admitting his crimes in Ukraine and China!! 

Fake inauguration 558 Hunter B. 711 real/imposter Biden, 812 background,

Biden in tears during his speech 

I have predicted before the US Election that DT will either be reelected or assassinated but not lose to Biden, as his energy composition is nearly the same as that of the US Independence Day, i.e., the Universe would not send a human version of America to lose in an election. 

New information gives me the revelation that DT will not be assassinated. He is currently the leader in charge and will become the President of the new Republic of America.

The world will be peaceful. He is a dovish President who has not started a new war during his first term, and he will not do so in his next term, as he is sent to make peace in the world. This is what I believe.

I shall add on more developments of DT becoming the leader of the new Republic of America.

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