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New Year’s greetings to all. 

Crucial health info to start a healthy year in 2021.

First, NUTS. Nuts are very nutritious, but TCM says they are essential especially for men. Without their nuts, men would be miserable! And ML has the most uncanny technique in picking the best nuts.

She was driving us home from LA at dinner time. We were hungry. I took out a big can of mixed nuts and started eating in the passenger seat. She saw it and reached over and picked hers. After a few times she’d reached over while keeping her eyes forward on the traffic. 

Then she started missing the can and reached for my crotch! I blocked her hand and said those are my best nuts and the inventory is low, so they are not for sharing! 


Astrology vx. Sexology

Who will win the US election? Chinese astrology predicts that either DT wins or he gets assassinated. His energy structure at birth 八字 is almost the same as that of the US Independence Day. So he is the little America. Nature would not send him to lose the election. He either wins or gets assassinated. 

Professor of sexology, David Wong ?, rose to fame by embellishing a proverb in HK 長洲賓客賓洲長 – which means that an ethnic group in 長洲 (island in HK) have long penises. 賓客 is a Chinese ethnic race and 賓洲 sounds like penis in Cantonese. 

Note that the proverb is the same reading from L to R, or R to L. PW added two words 長洲賓客好客賓洲長 and the proverb remains meaningful reading either way. 好客 means love guests.

Recently PW predicted that Pennsylvania (賓州) depends on High Court ( 高院), or “the penis depends on the testicles.”  In this case, sexology turns out to be wrong.

I am a fan of PW and also love sexology. Actually a famous poet in the Song Dynasty wrote a similar poem about sausages:

横看是腸則亦腸, 遠近看腸皆相同. 不知臘腸真面目, 只願器具要適中! 

A sausage is the same viewing from different angles, 

Yet hard or soft, long or short, there’s a difference.

Not knowing the real truth about a sausage, 

We want with our sausage, there’s a balance. 

Why do Asians worship White or Black race?

近收到大胃皇(David黄)居士之 “長洲賓客好客賓州長.” 嘆為绝唱!

吾对筆聞文化,十分爱好, 寫過夠本

下文rated RC87, 即是87歲以下者要在親生父母陪同下才準閱讀.


哀我中華, 滿清濡弱; 比人恰死, 过半世紀. 八國聯軍, 搶掠殺人; 賠欵割地, 殘忍無比.

近来發奮, 急速崛起! 经貿成績, 超英趕美! 基建造業, 先進科技, 举世羡慕, 妒忌到死。 

何以吾族, 媚外崇洋?移民非洲, 或去欧美? 深思其因, 可能這樣. 黑白二道, 天生巨品.

賓州特長. 有如象鼻. 左遙右擺, 輕垂到地. 鰸高個頭, 威風無比! 佳人見了, 花容失色;

極之驚奇, 五体投地. 同人異命, 同鳥異相. 體吓自己, 當堂激死. 有如小鳥, 匿喺屋企.

関起窗门, 收埋條尾. 唔想見人, 見咗羞死. 企圖拉佢, 拉極吾長. 比佢吹漲, 凝心妄想

阿媽生我, 点解咁樣?吾通成世, 做花和尚? 想通之後, 不如認輸. 脱咗底褲, 榉起白旗.

但看清楚, 不大適中; 精壯有為, 其實最威!




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