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We want to share a great health device, the SleepM thermal crystal bed, which has phenomenal healing effects and would enhance your health as well as brighten your life.

ML and I have had unbelievable health improvements after just ONE night sleeping on it! We noted even more benefits after 4 nights. The bed is so comfortable. It is firm yet soft enough to fit the contour of your body. I can feel the qi instantly doing qigong. ML even feels her circulation rushing all over the body. Her normally pale face is now more pink! 

We were exposed to SLM in January in 2020 and both fell asleep within minutes lying on it. After only 15 minutes, it felt like hours, as the sleep was so deep. We need a King size SLM bed, which costs $3000 – $4000. We ended up buying 3 pillows with crystals and arranged them to mimic the pattern of the bed.

 I’d like to tell you SleepM products that are cheaper and provide great benefits as well. My favorite is the eye mask one wears to sleep for about $399 that may improve vision as well as Melatonin production. They also have small pads for car seats, pillows, toppers and smaller beds.

The company is thriving when other businesses are failing. At the warehouse in Balwin Park, we met many Hispanic laborers, who are buying new cars just a few months into the business. In the current collapsed economy with high unemployment, good jobs are rare. The SLM business is truly a blessed opportunity, especially for unskill workers!!

The products are made in Canada and started distribution in North America and China. Now they have expanded to Korea, HK, Vietnam and Singapore. The beds are made up with metal coils that can be rolled in a small box for easy free shipping. As the health benefits of these products are so amazing, it can easily go global in 2021. 

There is no monthly purchase requirement. Your credits are cumulative, and all you have to do to maintain your membership is to sell $500 a year. 

She had cataract surgery in one eye and always had trouble opening her eyes in the morning and must massage her face and body with a massager extensively. Her other problems are chronic fatigue, knee and back pain, despite she take online ballet dancing every day. All her other symptoms vanished as well! She did all house chores non-stop until late at night.  

After the first night sleeping on the bed, ML woke up with bright eyes. As of 12/23, we have slept on this bed for three days. Without questions, we both have eye improvement just sleeping on the bed without using their gargles! ML has had trouble opening her eyes for at least a couple of years. Her other chronic symptoms were lack of sustained energy, knee and back pain, memory …

She has received several NBE treatments from me, only partially as we were both impatient due to health problems. Elain also has given her many treatments but not regularly. Chronic symptoms never get cured with just one time, except in the case of the SLM bed, as we sleep on it daily, thus continuing to improve health!!  

Understanding “health through sleeping” is important. I’ll be healing people combining education, NBE, PEMF, FIR, etc., which is my mission in life. Those who join the business will benefit both in health and financially. I’ll host Zoom meetings for professionals and laymans on natural alternatives to harmful drugs and vaccines.

In January we did not have the budget to buy the bed. Instead we bought three pillows with crystals and arranged them to mimic the pattern of the bed. But that did not work like the actual bed as we have found out. 

Meanwhile, my heart rate dropped to 32 and my ankle swollen up due to stress. Because of the severe weakness and lethargy, I used the old iMRS all day long just to survive day to day activities.


The silent heart beat was so scary that I did extensive self therapy daily and was able to raise the heart rate above 50 in four treatments, with Jacin helping me to inject the back on the last one. I felt a little calmer, but the lethargy remained. I tried out different devices, but I was quite sick and not able to get any long term relief. 

My ankle was so swollen and tender to do injections, so I hopped on it for months. The turning point was when I got my iMRS prime FIR on October 16, and Terry told me to try the Spot on it. To my pleasant surprise, 20 minutes after using the Spot, I found myself walking on it without much pain!

That was exciting, so I put the mat on the bed to sleep on it. I used it whenever I woke up to urinate (3 to 5 times a night) and was happy that I could easily fall back to sleep without excessive fatigue in the day time. I was really happy because insomnia has plagued me since my teensbut the problem was, I gave my insomnia to ML!

ML could not sleep with my frequent use of the device. Moreover, for the first time she complained about my snoring. People told me that I snored when I slept on the mat, even though I could hear people talking! I then told her to put Lifewave patches on my back and that, to our pleasant surprise, cured my snorings!!

Meanwhile my treatments had reduced the ankle swelling to the point that it looked and felt the best in 14 years, and I have hope to cure the swelling for good! After about two months I could walk without holding on a shopping cart like I did for two years. 


Before using the iMRS prime, I had trouble seeing at night. On one occasion I missed a turn 3 times going home after work. Then I turned the wrong way and had to make a U-turn homeward. Now I do not have that problem.

Another breakthrough was that my dyslexia was better and I could start writing, which had been very difficult for the past few years. The ankle problem connects to the liver and kidney meridians. When that heals, achieving better health, reversing aging, etc. would be easier!

ML, however, continued to struggle with insomnia, painful back and knee despite taking online ballet classes daily. She had no spare time after taking care of 4 dogs, and basically spent all day long trying different devices except my treatment!

Then she remembered SLM and convinced me to go try it again. This time I did not fall asleep on the bed, but I felt the qi instantly as strong as the iMRS HIR. She felt pulsating circulation all over her body, especially the painful areas. Afterwards, her normal pale face, from Spleen deficiency, was red. We decided to take out a credit line to buy it.

They delivered the bed two days ago. We decided to sleep on it with no gadgets like we did all year. Never in our wildest dream that after just ONE night of sleep, all of ML’s problems were gone, as mentioned! 

We’ll tell you more when we came back.



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