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1.RESTORING HEALTH IS THE ONLY ROOT-CAUSE SOLUTION TO COVID-19  Sat. 6-27-20                        For lecture notes!forum/health-happiness-success


I would like to continue with the topic topic of VA, as we are facing the greatest crisis in medical history created by the ultrarich 1% who wants to acquire more wealth through VA and digital certificate to control humanity.

Putting criminals in a society would never help its law enforcement, i,e., “vaccinating” an airport with terrorists would not prevent air terrorism, but rather would make it more vulnerable to terrorism!

3.The ultrarich 1% (The New World Order, NWO) is destroying world economy by imposing masks, quarantine and social distancing, none of which has been scientifically proven, and staging world-wide protests on racism and police brutality… the fear and stress created on the public makes people more compliance to irrational new rule for total control.

4.KARMA – “As you sow, so shall you reap.”  This is because qi that activates all actions and thoughts runs in a circle, so whatever you do comes back to you. This fact can be proven with Einstein’s famous Special Relativity equation:

One can deceive the world, but not Nature. The US has committed much war crimes the last 50 years. Americans, myself included, have to pay for them. So we can not allow our government to start or to be involved in more wars, including financial, media or biowars.

5.HOW TO ACHIEVE HEALTH, HAPPINESS AND SUCCESS VIA FENG SHUI (intuning your mental energies with those of Nature)

For lecture notes!forum/health-happiness-success

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