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Lori Oliwenstein, Editor in Chief, Judy Hill, Senior Editor

Caltech Magazine,

“What is the meaning of quantum mechanics?” This question appeared in the spring issue of Caltech Magazine. From studying eastern and western science, I have concluded that QM is a springboard to the spiritual realm (SR) – the immaterial living element that has created and enlivened the seemingly eternal material Universe. Without a quantum leap into the SR, western medicine will never find a root-cause solution to earthly problems such as the Covid-19 pandemic.

QM and Einstein’s Relativity are advanced branches of physics, which reveal that we are both particles and waves (matter and energy), aka body and mind/soul/spirit, respectively. Moreover, matter is an illusion that comes into being only when observed. Einstein’s E=mc2/[1-v2/c2]-1/2 (E=energy, m=mass, v=vibrational frequency, c=speed of light) further shows that the SR is boundless. 

Logically, before material was created, the immaterial SR must exist to create it. Because the SR cannot be detected via material means, western science knows virtually nothing about it. Since SR is infinite in size, the finite Universe would be “zero” relative to the SR. Hence, whatever science has learned about nature is in fact negligible. It is time we take a quantum leap, from a material illusion into the infinite reality of eternal energy and creative wisdom that is our true nature.

 While western science studies only the material Universe, Chinese and Indian cultures observe spiritual rules, which has resulted in resilient civilizations that have lasted thousands of years. A deep analysis of E=mc2 confirms many spiritual behaviors as found by the Asians and described below. 

The SR has created and enlivened the physical Universe with life energy Chinese call qi. It governs the exchange between qi and material energy. Qi is life and never die, i.e., energy cannot be destroyed or created, only transformed to matter, or vice versa.

  1. Qi fuels cellular functions and governs blood circulation to sustain health, just as our soul enlivens the body and govern traffic to keep social orders. Restoring health by improving qi circulation is how nature cures disorders, including infections such as Covid-19.
  2. The SR orchestrates all material events and keeps a qi balance via the law of karma to ensure the longevity of humanity. “As you sow, so shall you reap” is the behavior governed by qi, and can be affirmed with E=mc2. Thus, no crime can ever escape spiritual justice.
  3. Excessive materialism leading to spiritual neglect is the cause of most human conflicts, such as wars and the Covid-19 pandemic. Since life never died. Life exists before birth, at conception and after physical death. As humans are spirits, abortion at any stage is murder.
  4. Nature purges humanity to keep balance every 60 years when big planets line up with the sun, earth, and Milkyway. Base on this, the Yellow Emperor 4000 years ago had predicted “an epic disaster in 2020 with enormous human tolls and inadequate coffins for the dead.” (as it has happened in New York.) 
  5. Respectful of natural laws minimizes suffering from illnesses, conflicts and disasters.
  6. Bioweapons, GMO foods and vaccines are bigger threats to humanity than nuclear wars.
  7. Curing a disorder is restoring order (restoring health). Material remedies (drugs, vaccines, or genes) do not restore health to cure disorders, as they become disorder with time according to the law of entropy. Restoring health requires qi, whose behavior is <> entropy, which can be verified with E=mc2.
  8. Restoring health is the only solution to Covid-19. Even Louis Pasteur finally admitted, “It is the terrain, and not germs” that matters in infections. Chinese medicine focuses on health and not germs. Current methods avoid germs and ignore health, which cause more harm than good.   
  9. The SR transcends space and time because spiritual waves move at infinite speed. Thus, past, present and future events all occur at the present “Now.” That is why psychics can view events in the past or future.
  10. Quantum entanglement occurs because information transmits at infinite speed. Two electrons could be light years apart, but it takes 0 time for them to communicate with each other.

At Caltech I researched genetics with Dr. E.B. Lewis, who later got the Nobel Prize. I had much respect for him and I never told him my suspicion that genes are not the key to health, as tissues with the same genome have different longevity, and that the loss of functions at death is not linked to any gene loss. I confirmed my suspicion later with the law of entropy, as described on #8 above. 

Then I found out in med school that drugs treat symptoms rather than the cause, hence can never cure diseases. It was when I began treating ailments with anesthetic blocks and acupuncture that I found out Chinese medicine can indeed cure disorders. I call this therapy Neuro-BioEnergetics, or NBE. In fact, NBE therapy is so effective that most patients feel great relief with the first treatment despite trying other therapies to no avail. In 1996, I presented my findings in a medical meeting. It was the first time someone has proved that chronic ailments can be cured. 

We have ample cases to prove this. Visit my Blog, Update on the Covid-19 Epidemic and!forum/health-happiness-success 

However, major journals would not publish this landmark breakthrough. Most allopathic doctors are not interested in natural cures, yet there is no drug cure for viral infection like Covid-19. As a result, draconian yet untested measures of global shut down, isolation and social distancing are being implemented. Avoiding germs without enhancing health would not work. Indeed it has caused global economic collapse, millions unemployed, fear, anger, depression, suicides, spousal and child abuse, with untold human, social and economic casualties.

Less drastic measures should be tried because public health concerns with the total population and not just the tiny fraction that are infected with Covid-19, especially considering that an editorial in the NEJM by Dr. Fauci (2/2} revealed  that Covid-19 is just a flu with a case fatality rate of 0.1%. Also, contrary to popular belief, vaccines are not an option. Vaccination injects the pathogens into the body, which actually causes the infection it intends to prevent. Besides, no vaccine has ever been tested for its safety. Equally absurd is the Vaccine Injury Act of 1986 that exempts manufacturers from being sued for product liability!  

The widespread promotion of vaccines by media make us lose sight on the key issue of boosting health with qi and healthy diet. The priority is to restore qi and blood flow, so that nutrients, vitamins, etc. can be delivered to tissues. Synthetic drugs or supplements drain the qi and weaken health. The concern about the GMOs was mentioned by Caltech alumni. Indeed GMO foods are deadly, yet they are not regulated by law! Many Indian farmers had committed suicides due to poor harvest from GMO seeds that also ruin the soil. Yet, they must keep buying these “terminator seeds.”  Sadly, western capitalism promotes the pursuit of materialism with no regard to spirituality, resulting in evil deeds that are ruining our freedom and health. 

A paradigm shift from a material to energy model is overdue. The only root cause solution to Covid-19 is by restoring the health of patients. NBE is the best choice. Acupuncture, homeopathic and herbs are safer than drugs, but may need professional guidance. Moreover, restoring health entails curing other major symptoms of the patient, including treatments of complications such as pulmonary fibrosis, loss of taste, etc. Also, one must note that western syndromes are all labels of symptoms. Masking these symptoms one at a time with drugs will never cure the root disease. 

“What will Caltech accomplish in the next 100 years?” This question appeared in the Endnotes section of the Magazine. Replies included: … “better treatments for debilitating diseases like auto-immune disorders, cystic fibrosis and other chronic illnesses,” nanomachines, etc. The unfathomable yet truthful answer is that I have already done it … and not just “better treatments” for a few ailments, but the cure of any acquired disorders, even improving genetic maladies, as genes are also governed by qi.

In summary, it is time for Caltech to adopt the energy approach. Nanomachines are material advance that do not really improve health. Neither would QM solve the entanglement puzzle without a quantum leap. Einstein had said that if one keeps on doing the same thing and expects a different result, it is insanity! Continuing material biomedical study may result in more harms. Covid-19 was man-made, as ti was patented. My background is mostly western as I came to the US at a young age, yet without any research grant, the spiritual path has led me to a monumental breakthrough in 12 years that has eluded the scientific community for centuries! Imagine what the collective mind powers of Caltech can do with the energy approach.

Finally, All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.”  The world today is besieged by the ultrarich who want to control humanity by misguiding nations with false propaganda. Academic institutions have the duty to learn the truth and correct misinformation. Material medicine not only provides no healthcare, it is also the third leading cause of deaths (B. Starfield of Johns Hopkins, JAMA 7/26/2000)! An energy paradigm is inevitable. Since Caltech is not a medical school that is tainted with pharmaceutical money, it should be the avant-garde leading this exciting energy venture.


Yee-Wing Tong, MD, May 2020

BS biology, 1970      Please contact me by email or at 714.556.8664


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