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Ray from Australia posted on a chat group these two poems:


開軒面場圃,把酒話桑麻。待到重陽日,還來就菊花。       and 





I love them, as I always dream living close to Mother Earth where animal and plant kingdom exist in harmony with Nature. (反朴归真,归田园居). Hence, I composed these poems to match them:






Another reason I like the poems is that they eerily describe a miniature landscape project I am doing at home:

Photo and video to be posted

Such home project is very rare and Ray has no knowledge of it, yet he has chosen two poems that closely describe my theme. Could that have been a coincidence?

As explained in A Spiritual Enlightenment from a Song Dynasty Poem, there is no coincidence in life. Read the similarities of President Lincoln and Kennedy at the very end of this article, you’ll be totally convinced of this fact.

Even though physically we are not aware of unseen events, each soul is aware of everything in the past, present and future, as all things are inextricably interconnected in the timeless Spiritual realm.

The waterwheel house for the goldfish pond is inspired by my grandson Skylan, a designer from Skylan and Mom, LOL. Therefore I have name its address 2018 Sky Lane.

The flow from the returning water of the filter causes the waterwheel to turn. The direction of the turning wheel brings good qi into the home. We have many good events happening around the time when we started the waterwheel, so I am making another waterhouse in a different area.

In the final phase of this development, I’ll add thin fog and thick cloud (薄雾浓云), and a chimney for cooking (开锅造饭). Return to the Feng Shui section to see this upgrade and the details of this construction.


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