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A member of a Chat group from Hong Kong asks: A friend has been diagnosed with early stage of prostate cancer (CA), and plan to have the robotic operation to remove his prostate at the HK Sanatorium. Is there a better option.

YES. CA is merely the symptom. Removing it does not treat the the cause of the CA. So the underlying disease may cause the CA to recur elsewhere!

Moreover, removing the organ may result in the loss of sexual function. Another bad side effects from surgery is incontinence, and the a patient may need to wear diaper, a big nuisance.

Prostate CA is seldom life-threatening. I have had prostate CA for over 10 years and used to have urgency and night urinations 10 or more times a night. I use my NBE/TCM treatments and have greatly reduced the symptoms. Now I get up 0 to 3 times a night.

The cause of CA is low tissue O2 tension. (check out the work of Otto Warburg, M.D.) It has nothing to do with immune dificiency as some people believe. I have treated many patients with Chronic Fatigue Immune Deficiency Syndrome, not one that I can recall has clinical CA. I can also tell that your friend most likely do not have immune deficiency,  frequent infections, flu, etc.

When tissue O2 is low, some of the cells do not get O2 for energy. They are forced to ferment Glucose for energy (anerobic Glycolysis) and become CA cells. So Glucose feeds CA and therefore is poison for the patients. On the other hand, O2 is good for the patient, as it turns CA cells back to normal. 

Using an analogy, CA is like a riot caused by traffic jams, resulting in the lack of food and people become rioters. Clearing the traffic jam to restore food supply will trun rioters back to lawful citizens.

Therefore the very first thing to emphasize is that the patient must  stop eating refined carbohydrates containing Glucose. The second thing is to eat an alkalizing diet consisted of 90% or more organic fruit and vegetables. I’ll post a great video on this diet.

Alkaline blood has more O2, which would turn CA cells back to normal. Hence, CA cannot spread with alkaline pH.  Get a pH strip from a pharmacy and test the saliva (body fluid) before you eat in the morning. Dark green or blue is alkaline pH.

Another thing needed to be balanced is the heat/cold thermal nature. If you feel hot all the time, hot and spicy food should be avoided. If you feel cold, then you should avoid cold food. For example, I caught the MERS in 2015 on a trip to Hong Kong, but did not get sick until I had eaten too much pineapple, which cause heat and damp.

Then we need to improve O2 transfer from the blood to tissue. By far the most prevalent cause of this problem is what TCM calls damp — greasy, thick mucous material in the blood that cause red blood cells to clump and stick together (rouleau).The treatment is to strengthen the spleen (the main organ that remove damp), and avoid eating foods that cause damp.

Stablized rice bran is a very important ingredient, but deficient, damp-dispelling nutrient, because the most refined food in the mordern western diet is carbohydrate and the bran is lost during the refining process.

It is no wonder that TCM recommends that five-grains should be the main staple of our diet.

I’ll write more on exercise, sweating, hot Yoga or sauna, stretching (all to improve blood flow and clear damp), massage of the pelvic area, sitz bath with Hydrogen Peroxide, Bicarb and Epsom salt. Most effective would be HP enema, even once a week.

The recommended diet, exercise and HP sitz bath/enema is a root cause solution with no side effects (may be some detox reactions). They will make you very healthy even if you are not 100% compliant.

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