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Everything is made up of different proportions of 5-element of wood, fire, earth, metal and water energies. For a human, this energy makeup is called the 8-characters, or vivaxis, and is determined at birth by the distances between the human and various stars.

Feng Shui (wind, water) is Chinese astrology, which matches the 5-element energies of an environment, such as land or dwelling, to that of its inhabitants to enhance health, harmony and prosperity of the dwellers.

I wrote the poem below to celebrate the completion of our koi pond. The first four lines describe the enhancing principles of the 5-elements: metal melts into liquid, water nourishes wood, wood burns fire, and fire produces ash or earth. The 5th and 6th lines contain the words of wind 風 and water 水. 

This beautiful koi pond makes my dream home our Utopia in a foreign land. I shall provide photos later.

金鱗吐珠飄蕩樣, 小橋流水逐垂楊; 奇葩艷火值雸雨, 玉巔輝金賴朝陽.

蕉翠迎拽春風香, 雀禽泳舞泉水涼; 洒滌塵心清俗想, 彷彿仙源在異鄉.


Celebrating the completion of our Koi pond

Liquid pearls from golden scales sway with spirits free and playful;

A stream meandering under the bridge chases dipping willows’ flow.

Fiery blossoms brightened by rain adorn the lush greens,

flaunting a picturesque floral show;

Distal hills under the solar rays shine with a golden sheen,

glinting with a majestic radiant glow…

While spring winds chant praises of Nature,

flapping palms hum symphoniously along,

Just as festive faunas rejoice life’s rapture,

splashing falls join the dancing and songs —

Cleansing mundane fancies to be harmoniously strong.

Such an utopia only a Celestial Paradise belongs.


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