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I did a patching demo on a few people. Almost all got immediate relief. Everyone was amazing, chuckling in disbelief. The following comment is from Sikee Louie, 呂錫基學長:

Amazing!  I saw them (there were quite a few, my wife included) when the various patches were applied at many painful points on the body, and they turned better ALMOST immediately! We will invite Dr. Tong (湯醫師) back in a more organized manner.





An ode to world peace

For centuries the Central Kingdom reigns the eastern lands;

with a huge populace, rich culture and history, she’s the mightiest of all.

Yet she was besieged by the Xiongnu of the northern sands,

although she could crush these irksome pests, as they were truly small.

But as a good neighbor, she built a monstrous Wall…

just to ensure peace, harmony and prosperity for all.

A Han diplomat was sent with a peaceful message,

but by accident he had become a political hostage.

He stayed in Xiongnu land in confinement…

So that both sides could live in contentment.

In another time, a royal concubine was given to a Xiongnu tribe,

not as an undercover agent, but as a peacemaking bribe.

A Sunzi general captured a hostile chieftain seven times…

He lectured and pardoned the villain just as many times.

The Chinese believed in winning without violence;

the chieftain finally kowtowed to the benevolence!

A Ming general promoted Chinese culture, trades and crafts

during his seven journeys to the southwest seas;

while modern West deploys drones, warships and aircrafts,

to patrol the six continents and thousand seas.

Educating the uninformed was the Kingdom’s mission;

while dominating the indigents was the West’s ambition.          

The Han people call themselves the descendants of the Dragon;

they are proud of the wisdom and courage implicit in the slogan.

The Dragon has a peaceful foreign history…

it has rarely warred beyond its modern borders.

Whereas the bellicose West is no mystery…

they often band together to foment disorders.

The Dragon focuses on domestic welfares;

while the West fiddles with other people’s affairs.

The Dragon invented fire powder, but ceased to advance any further.

The West had a combative zeal, and turned it into weapons that kill.

White cat, black cat, even capitalist cat –

that which catches mice is a good cat.

Democracy, socialism, or exceptionalism –

whatever fits western agenda is truism.            


Imperial lust filled the blood of the West;

global domination is their fervent quest.

From East Indies to Africa… and New Delhi to Rome,

there’s ample unchartered lands the colonial PIGS could roam.

Advancing the aboriginal is the claim…

while robbing their resources is the aim.

The euphemism is civil advancement,

but the truth is indigenous enslavement.

The sun never set in the British Empire…

Over the sprawling colonies they’d admire.

The ambitious colonists took turns to prosper

from exploiting the deprived natives so dire.

But to the dismay of the imperial West,

all things eventually come to their ends.

As Chinese wisdom would attest,

“extremes always meet at the ends.”

Seven Western nations and Japan ganged up on the Kingdom;

they pillaged her palaces, robbed the people and their freedom.

The import of opium she was forced to admit,

but the same poison the West wouldn’t permit!

The Dragon was slaughtered and its flesh split…

into parts where Chinese and dogs weren’t permit!

The Kingdom was forced to pay for war damages,

although her adversaries instigated the rampages.

A century of opiate addiction caused her people to decay;

while the West prospered from the reparation and trade.

The looted treasures were never returned as the Kingdom’s.

They were either auctioned or retained as souvenir items.

Humanitarianism, individual rights and liberty?!

Such blatant hypocrisy! Such outright mendacity!

White supremacy was innate to Western genes…

Discrimination was practiced through legal means.

A US law was passed to discriminate Chinese only;

wives were not admitted, so men remained lonely.

We weren’t allowed to buy real estates,

or own businesses in the United States.

It was illegal for Chinese to marry a Caucasian –

an ostentatious bigotry and blatant humiliation!

Chinese children could not attend public schools;

Only wicked minds would make such wicked rules.


The Dragon’s descendants endured in silence.

No appeal, no protest, no violence.

Sino-conflicts, World War II and more…

The Kingdom was razed to its core.

Living people alert were cut open…

to test for biological war weapon!

Infants were tossed in the air and caught with a bayonet –

such ghastly pleasures deranged soldiers craved to get!

Comfort women, camp 731 and the Nanjing Rape…

Yet monstrous war criminals were free to escape!

Although winning a catastrophic eight-year war,

the Kingdom was slashed in size and warped in shape.

Not only the criminals deny their heinous crime,

they even lay claim to her Pacific landscape!!


A gift of an ancient German map that Merkel has given to Xi

shows that China owned all islands in the East or South Sea.

The Prague Arbitration Chair is a son of Japan,

Who is therefore unlikely to be an impartial man.

Taking East Sea islands that to the Kingdom rightfully belong,

and give them to defeated war criminals is so ethically wrong!


Was Uncle Sam an accomplice or ally?

Was his pledge for justice merely a lie?

Human rights, righteousness, and being fair…

Injustice to the Chinese no one really care.

The world vehemently decries the Nazi war blunders,

but lets Japan get away with heart-wrenching murders!

It praises Western vow of liberty and human rights,

but is oblivious of the Opium Wars and Chinese plights.

Vincent Chin was deliberately killed in a racial brawl;

but the white murderers were never punished at all!

Affirmative action, Dream Act and immigration laws…

all benefits other races, but seldom for Chinese at all.

So the Kimmel show is not what incensed us;

the childish humor was not intentionally bad…

In another time and life it might not matter much;

adding an insult to injuries is what gets us mad!

We have always been a silent minority…

as we know “harmony leads to prosperity.”

Now we are morphing into a vocal visibility…

We want no more insult, injury or inequity.

Nobel Obama, or a Western backed Lama…

Was it a reward, or merely political drama?

Endless taxes are squandered into open drains,

to finance evil wars engendered by evil brains…

Or to aid countries that are poor and behind,

but have in reality enriched the mastermind.

Rash spending fueled by printing and debasing currency…

that ultimately would demise the Dollar and its supremacy.

The enormous debts are ruining citizens;

but budget cuts are no fancy of politicians.

Tashema Brice tried her QE, but Uncle Sam said nay;

yet the counterfeiting by the Feds is perfectly OK!

While Americans were not harmed by the Brice QE,

the Fed QE’s are billions of fiat loans we must pay!!

The economy in fact is running super thin,

but the truth is concealed by the official spin.

Huge spendings on wars, vaccines, and foreign meddlings,

are in fact deceptive means of massive tax launderings…

to support war budgets that dwarf many nations combined,

and military bases worldwide that one could readily find.

While QE’s, bailouts, and maneuvers of similar kind,

rob the citizens to enrich Wall Street from behind…

By manipulating the Petrodollar and taxes,

a “New World Order” is planned by the mastermind.

Its is no longer “of the people, by the people and for the people;”

catering to special interests is the political bind…

And it’s no longer “the land of the free, and home of the brave,”

but the puppet of the power that be, and the world to enslave!”

Alas, it is no longer the US of yesterday;

so mind your allegiance to the USA!

As the loyalty to your beloved country…

is the stealth slavery of humanity to aid!

With high debts and a sick economy,

how can one justify a hegemony?

War for peace and help others in needs…

are purely propaganda and deceits

None of which benefits the citizens,

all to fatten the ultra-rich master elites.

Opening the border to admit illegals

or early release from prison of criminals,

The intent of which is not altruistic but political;

as requiring ID to vote is ruled unconstitutional!

The purpose is to achieve a “One-World Order,”

so the US promotes free trades and open border.

To suppress the Dragon and assist Tokyo…

is to punish the victim and aid the criminal!

Recall the Pearl Harbor raid by this hawkish mind,

whose gruesome crimes nothing matches in kind!

Yet the US defends its foe in the Pacific islands fight;

never in history such injustice can one find!

So to our venerable World Police, Judge and Executioner —

Is it Alzheimer’s disorder… or is your justice simply blind?

Interfering with Ukraine is bizarre,

equally insensible is “Pivot to Asia!”

To encircle China and sanction Russia,

an unexpected result is a stronger Eurasia.

The intent to divide and conquer is too clear;

but it’s unwise to buck giants that are nuclear!

It is also futile to freeze Russian assets…

as they are in Siberia and used to “freezing asses.”

The Warsaw Pact had long been dissolved;

NATO expansion thus flouts what the US and Soviet had resolved.

The Nuland leak exposed the culprit in Ukraine…

And Putin had shown considerable restraint.

So it’s crystal clear who is really the world’s biggest bane!

Wasting money by financing debts to rouse trouble is insane!

Korea, Vietnam, Afghanistan, Egypt and Bosnia…

the long list includes Somalia, Liberia and Libya…

Then al-Qaeda, Syria, Iraq, Iran and Ukraine…

Western treasures thusly vanish down the drain.

Syria, like many of these nations, was peaceful before,

But western-backed rebels turned it into a perpetual war.

The contrived “Weapons of Mass Destruction”

is merely a spin to justify western aggression.

After the withdrawal from the protracted Iraqi war,

there’s no peace but raging battles forevermore…

Before the last troop has been withdrawn,

it is right back in the battlefield once more!

None of these enemy states threaten US soil in any way,

yet it’s financing wars like there wouldn’t be another day.

Wars are only justified for defending our own soil,

but not for regime changes or robbing other’s oil,

or to ensure the Petrodollar not to spoil.

It has accumulated the largest debt in history,

and it is the US citizens such debt to repay.

Does the Constitution, Congress or people have any say

in settling disputes with less costly and destructive way?

The security of the US is not the concerned matter;

nor is it to make the lives of other people any better…

It is not democracy or liberty to improve;

and fostering peace and order is never true.

The aim is the Petrodollar to evolve

by robbing tax money from me and you.

Fortunately the EU is destined to dissolve;

and the warring combo with the US will end too.


Waging wars when our land is not threatened is not patriotism,

while mass-shootings are acts of revenge more than terrorism.

A raging person is full of anger and not one tranquil cell …

A combative nation spawns pugnacious citizens as well!

The more we would abuse any war weapon,

the more violence at home Karmically will happen!


True patriots strive to “Make America Great Again;”

Through peaceful means the American Way to regain!


Looking at the list of endless modern wars,

Western involvement occurs in virtually all…

But China as the aggressive perpetrator,

there is not a single evidence at all!

For Chinese do not believe in violence

as they feel that “violence begets violence.”

They know the solutions to conflict are not guns…

Neither can geopolitical battles ever be won.

Most Asians are pacific, except the Eastern Sun;

so why is China a threat, or the culpable one??

Western sovereigns in truth are marionettes…

beholden to corporate cliques, or the guilty ones.

They would lobby for their favorable policies,

to bailout banking, insurance and big industries,

and to use taxes on incomes and other funds,

to waste on drugs, vaccines, GMO’s and guns.

That’s how Americans’ hard-earned money,

is stealthily stolen by the greedy ones!!

Yet in truth, man can kill and man can cheat;

balancing the yin and yang is Nature’s feat.

Neither evil nor good will forever grow…

It is Mother Nature that runs the show.

That “feng-shui-runs-in-cycles” is a Chinese wisdom,

so the shining star will again be the Central Kingdom.

Note the formerly oppressed eastern BRICS,

and their former oppressors of western PIGS.

And witness the trail of the monetary gold –

eastward from the West is its path of flow…

Proving the rise of the East and fall of West,

as peaceful coexistence is the ultimate best.

So heed that balance is Nature’s way;

what was looted from China is returning her way.

While the looters have had their golden days;

the Karmic deeds they must now suffer and pay!

Tokyo is mired by Fukushima, finance and demographic dismay;

visiting the Yasukuni Shrine would bring on even more decay…

As the chagrin of the surviving victims is another debt,

that the Law of Karma ensures the offenders must pay!

One can deceive others or even themselves but not Nature…

for their vile deeds the West will too have a reckoning day!

Witness that Chinese were coerced by drug merchants to buy opiate poisons,

Today Americans are forced by the same culprits to take similar drug poisons.

Thus Nature is now on the Eastern side,

as the wheel of fortune is turning its tide…

While the BRICS foundation is being laid,

the karmic debts of the West are being paid.

Soon there will be news from the western central banks,

that the gold they’ve held has been sold to Asian hands;

denoting the greatest karmic wealth transfer,

from the looter West back to Dragon lands.

The East hoarding enough gold would mark the fateful day,

that they would tell Uncle Sam to return to his Cabin and stay!!

So rejoice the ascendance of the Chinese,

as humanity can expect more global peace!

In preparation the Almighty have moved to China…

As evident that all things are now “made in China!”

So instead of the Dragon slaying;

why not try some panda hugging?

That means to be friends to each other,

with no covert hostility or overt anger.

So cease the propaganda fake-news presstitute,

and the killer drones or destructive coups.

Mind the Dragon’s friendly and peaceful attitude,

and enjoy her Beijing duck or wonton soups.

Epilogue:               Be a scholar of the truth, and not the clueless proverbial frog;

Or you may find yourself, enslaved like a puppy dog.



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