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Not All Acupuncturists Are Created Equal

Most acupuncturists are not skillful enough to cure serious problems. Check out the previous post. “Chronic Disorders Can be Cured with NBE Treatment,” cases A1, A2, A10, D8, D10, and D11.

All these patients have had many (even years) of acupuncture treatments to no avail, but were able to get dramatic relief with my very first NBE treatment.

Especially check out patient in A10. She has had 100 acupuncture treatments in 10 months with no relief. View the Youtube video on how much I improved her with just one acupuncture treatment without any nerve block!

That is partly because I have had 25 years of healing myself with my own treatments from many serious chronic disorders. See 2nd attachment.

An example is this recent letter from a patient, Jacquie:

I have been Blessed to have someone tell me about this doctor!

We had a leak in a roof, I called a contractor for a quote. Many of them where astronomical, then we found on home advisors, Lamb Roofing.

This guy came over, fixed the roof for a small amount of money. He sat on my bed and I sat on the floor of my bedroom( where the leak was), he could see I was in tremendous pain. He told me about Dr Tong. The contractor (Wayne B.) said I’m not here to fix your roof, I’m here to tell you about this doctor who brought him back to life!

I believe in angeles and I believe they come to us through people. So I wasn’t spooked or scared !

I had back surgery 2012, a lower back fusion & the doctor said he was also going to ‘clean-up’ my nerves while he was at it!

Well, I woke up screaming from that surgery and in horrible pain! Since then my life came to a stop! My husband and i have seen so many doctors and tried so many treatment and paid a fortune for everything you can imagine, blood work for everything, acupuncture, twice a week, MRI’s, CT Scans, Epidurals, Bi-lateral Cortisone shots ( 3 in a month, under twilight anesthesia) inflamed nerves throughout my pelvis, burning bladder.

I could go on and on…

After my FIRST visit with Dr. Tong, in Irvine, I was able to walk standing straight up without pain, my joy for life had come back( before this I swear I wanted to die)

It was like he lifted a dark veil from my eyes, everything looked beautiful again. The sky was bluer than ever, the sun felt good on my face and body, the trees looked so green, the face of my husband looked happy again and not so worried about me!

My husband called me several times the next day from work to check in me, he could not believe it, he kept asking me, “are you alright? How do you feel? Still good?” Yup yup and Yup!!!

I cannot thank Wayne enough for turning us into Dr Tong and I cannot thank Dr Tong enough for my life back!

He is incredible, I have had acupuncture many many times, by many different doctors. Dr Tong instinctively knows where my pain is without having to tell him.

If you are in pain and I know how sad you must feel, believe me I do, ( I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy) I highly recommend seeing this amazing humble  man. And don’t wait a minute sooner, call him NOW!

I wish you the best and hope you have at least one treatment from this dear man Dr. Tong,

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