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My suspicion about BITCOIN was that it was an US creation to rob the wealth of the people to save an collapsing empire. The truth, however, is way darker than that. Bitcoin is a clandestine way CIA used to fund underground activities of drug, human and organ trafficking as well as terrorism.

The profits from these activities are used to provoke wars and separatist activities to counter the peaceful uprising of China, (the main obstacle to US hegemony) as well as regional conflicts to cause capital flows back to US as a safe haven – the MAIN reason for the pending US tax cuts. The tax cuts mainly benefit big corporations and the ultra-rich, not middle class.

For those who do not know Chinese, search websites of Hidden Wiki and Silkroad.

The fight between East and West, or more specifically, Western democracy and Chinese socialism turns out to be a fight between good and evil. The public needs to know the truth. Follow my Blog for more supports on my conclusion.

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