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Due to a qigong mishap 25 years ago that caused me to lose my life energy, I’ve suffered from many disorders, culminating to a breakdown of liver and kidney functions. My back had a itchy rash for years. I had a gangrenous infection for which amputation of my leg was recommended. Worst of all was the severe fatigue that plagued me for years.

During this time, I’ve learn to heal myself using anesthetic injections to enhance acupuncture, a therapy I call Neuro-BioEnergetics (NBE) treatment, which improves circulation to restore organ function and health. As you can see, even aging effects can be reversed by improving blood flow.

Our blood contains energy qi from the mind that heal disorders to keep health. Disorders result when qi flow on acupuncture meridians is blocked by disease factors (mind/body blockages, or MBB). Clearing MBB with the NBE method, which is far more effectively than acupuncture alone, will heal the disorders. ALL acquired disorders can be healed this way. Visit for thousands of case histories.

When enough MBB are cleared with NBE treatments, health can be sustained with proper diet, lifestyle and periodic tune-ups. This method, however, is my innovation and not available elsewhere. Fortunately, the Lifewave (LW) patches can produce similar results in many cases without needles.

Using phototherapy with nanotechnology, David Schmidt of LW Company created organic crystals that emit healing qi frequencies, which along with the body’s infrared heat open the MBB to stimulate body functions and produce antioxidants, endorphins, and other hormones to relieve many symptoms.

The effects of LW patches have been scientifically proven.They improve strength and stamina. Many athletes, including professionals and Olympic Medalists, wear them to improve performance.

Moreover, they are waterproofed and improve strength as well as stamina. They are used by  amateur and professional athletes, including Olympic Medalists, to improve performance.

The photos below show the dramatic reduction of post-surgical facial edema in just six hours.

Even a young girl with 4th stage Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma was cured by the X-15 detox patch, despite the health damages she got from 9 chemotherapies and 38 radiation treatments.

The best part is that learning to use the patches is easy – just follow the protocols of the Company. Their popularity with athletes is an indication of their simplicity.

The standard protocols may not work for every case, as each person has different MBB, even if they have the same western diagnoses. My approach customizes the protocol for each individual using TCM principles. Follow my Blog to learn and improve your results.

Patient WB had too many MBB to be treated with one NBE treatment and had a sore spot, GB21, remaining on his shoulder that even a light tough causes him to yell in pain. Two patches placed on the sore spot completely eradicated the pain. The relief lasted more than a week.

Patient RG suffers from depression and multiple pains. He felt much better after my NBE treatment, but still had a nod (MBB) on his upper back that impaired his breathing. Two patches softened the nod and improved his breathing, which lasted 12 hours.

Deborah had 20 years of intractable coughs that did not respond to countless specialist therapies, drugs, and antibiotics. In contrast, she was dramatically improved with her first NBE treatments. The patches further opened up her lungs and enabled her to breathe even more deeply.

Patient 3H was given a pneumococcal vaccine that damaged his kidney. He was put on dialysis three times a week, which caused severe symptoms each time.  He had no urine output, and suffered from SOB and fatigue. Weekly NBE treatments ameliorated these symptoms, enabling him to urinate 200-300 cc daily. Adding the patches further improved his urine output with a stronger stream.

Sandy was yawning continuously and could hardly keep her eyes open. Immediately after I used the patches on her, her eyes brightened up and she smiled all evening without a single yawn!

My wife May Lee also has had great experiences with the LW patches. She wrote:

      “For me, I care more about my knee and back pain that was exacerbated since the weather changed to cold and rainy last Monday. Dr T didn’t have time to treat me. I tried a patch treatment from Roy, an engineer who has been using the patches for 15 years. I got  instant relief for a few hours and felt stronger. The pain came back again. Yesterday, Dr T placed the patches on me according to his meridian principles. I’m pain free now even though it was raining today! For those that are afraid of needles, the patches are truly a blessing!”

As mentioned, healing a chronic condition takes time. This is what she does now…

     “I have back pain when I sleep. Been wearing the Nikken back flex magnet to ease the pain. Yet I was still very sluggish in the morning, couldn’t even open my eyes. For the past two nights, I wore two Energy Enhancer patches on the SI joints to sleep. The pain had disappeared and I woke up feeling refresh at 6:30 am. It’s amazing!

ML also had cataract surgery two years ago. Afterwards she was sluggish in the morning and couldn’t see well. She had to massage the MBB around her head for an hour before she could feel well and see better. After two months of this routine, she finally got two NBE treatments from me and could see more clearly each time.

However, she did not continue with more NBE treatments because she dislike needles. Now with the patches, I am confident that she can improve her vision to avoid the surgery on her other eye that ophthalmologist said she would eventually need.

We have used the NBE therapy to improve the visions of Ruth, who could not do housework and used a cane to walk because she was legally blind, She can now do house chores, walk without a can and has been back to school for several years.

We’ve also reduced her blood sugar from 300 to below 150 while reducing her insulin from 120 u. to 0 – 8 u. a day.  Her testimonies are posted on

ML has reported the results of her friend Margaret, who had one NBE treatment plus the patches:

     “Omg! Margaret called me this morning and was screaming with joy … She went to Dr T for her first NBE treatment yesterday and was able to fall asleep and slept for eight hours straight, whereas she couldn’t sleep pass 6 hours before. Also, … this morning her eye bags which she was considering surgery were gone! Dr T treated her eyebags with Spl 6 patches for spleen deficiency!

My younger son had a painful ankle from recent sprain. I used two pain patches, which relieved his pain instantly. Adding a few more patches further increase the ROM of his ankle. He was impressed and became a LW wholesale member.

Dr. Elain has this experience in treating her husband for acute back pain with the patches.

   “He did have back pain yesterday … He put on salon pas and also took an Advil,which didn’t do anything… He couldn’t walk or straighten his back at Target from the pain. Went home and used two ice waves and he had no more pain within an hour.”     

A week earlier he got the flu after receiving the flu shot. After suffering the whole day with severe coughs and other symptoms, he finally got a NBE treatment from Dr. Elain and felt better.

She then put a patch on each injection site, and within an hour, his coughs and other symptoms all vanished! He said he almost felt normal!  The injections had lessened the MBB, enabling the qi from the patches to facilitate the healing.

He slept soundly that night and the symptoms have never returned. Based on the severity of his coughs, his flu could have lasted for days or even weeks without Dr. Elain’s treatments.

The kids caught the cold from daddy. Aston had a patch on for a day, but was lethargic with feverish cheeks. Audrey did not get any patch and was cranky with running nose, crying all evening. Amazingly, Their symptoms totally vanish right after the patch treatment.


Even I was stunned by the results on the kids and forgot to advise them on wearing more clothes, drinking more water, or ginger water to induce sweating, sea salt water to clear heat, etc.. Their symptoms returned but subsided quickly with more patches, which have boosted their immunity.

Note that immunity is enhanced only by healing energy or nutrients, not by the flu Vaccines (VA), which contain viruses that cause disorders just as criminals who commit crimes. They stimulate but not boost immunity.

They would never help the body to eradicate themselves or their own kind.

Similarly, VA cause rather than prevent disorders. Putting disease-causing viruses in the body only increases the burden the body, which now must fight viruses from the air in addition to those injected into the body. If VA were used after one has gotten sick, he/she would get worse, or even died.

I have been suffering for a year from an yeast infection with annoying itching that disturbed my sleep. I could not treat myself with shots often enough to contain the infection. The patches reduced the intensity and the frequency of the itching. After 10 days of patches along with the NBE treatments, I am thrilled to report that my itching is almost gone!!

More remarkable is the increase of energy, muscle strength and stamina. I’ve been suffering from severe fatigue after treating sick cancer patients. For a year I was in bed most of the time. Using the patches along with NBE treatments has given me my active life back without any daytime naps.  

For my Mom, the patches are truly a blessing. She dislikes needles and has never had a NBE treatment. She was crippled by excessive use of drugs for various symptoms. Her legs, ankles and feet were swollen and painful. She sat all day long and dragged her feet walking slowly with a walker.

A patch on K1 (Kidney 1) of each foot relieved her pain instantly and she could lift her legs to walk for the first time in years. She could also hear better, as Kidney qi governs the ears and legs. Her relief remained 10 days later when I gave her another patch treatment.

More successful stories will be posted on the “Energy Patches…” section of my Blog. Follow my Blog and learn how you can also sustain health with the patches.

The protocols provided by the Company have been approved by the FDA for various symptoms. Dramatic relief can be obtained for moderate symptoms. In serious or complicated cases, NBE treatment is needed first to lessen severe MBB to facilitate healing by the patches.

The cost of LW patches are reasonable for their health benefits. You can become a LW member to get wholesale prices. The patches are indispensable as deleterious factors abound our society.

Finally, I plan to offer an online Energy Consultations. Check under CONTACT US on the Home Page of We’d give a discount for this service to our patients and LW members.

I have 25 years of self-therapy and over 30 years of clinical experience. I have learned TCM on my own without a mentor. You can do it too, as using energy patches are much easier than needles. You’ll be pleasantly surprised about what you can achieve with these patches.

A letter of appreciation from Deborah —

Recently I had the good fortune to obtain a referral by a close friend who is being treated by Yee-Wing Tong, MD.  She stated that he could help me as I have had a cough for approximately 20 years. Yes, you did read that right, 20 (twenty) years of discomfort and distress to myself and others around me. This ever present cough has negatively affected me physically and socially for a very long time. I have been treated by many well intentioned doctors over the course of these 20 years who unfortunately have been unable to accomplish much other than to mask my symptoms with medication…

My first treatment by Dr. Tong was nothing short of miraculous. I had become extremely ill upon returning from Ohio. Four days after my return I fell ill and slept for three days. My physician prescribed antibiotics and steroids which helped greatly but I was so very sick that my cough continued to be worse than ever, I had laryngitis and continued to feel so very poorly that I wasn’t sure that I could be effective as I was to return to Ohio after three weeks at home. A few days before I was to leave I saw Dr. Tong. He told me that although my cough would not be gone that day that I would feel better before I left his office. He was 100% correct, I felt as though a heavy veil had been lifted from me. I could actually think clearly again and not feel as though I were still struggling to become well. My trip was not the drain on me that I had feared prior to my treatment because I was feeling so much better and able to function as I should.

Dr. Tong has been treating me for back and neck pain as well as for my cough. Actually the two are intertwined as the coughing causes so much stress and tension in my upper back and neck that the muscles in those areas continue to spasm causing me pain.

Being so sick at my age was very scary and when I think that without Dr. Tong’s treatments, what tenuous condition would I be in particularly were I to be 10 or 20 years older? My body cannot sustain itself or recover effectively since the cough is a constant drain. Aging only makes this blatantly more evident. There is no one else in the medical community doing what Yee-Wing Tong, MD and his daughter, Elain Tong, DO are at their Irvine office…

This letter was written right after her first NBE treatment. Recently, I’ve also used the patches on her. She has felt their additional benefits and become a LW member.

In a lecture/demo I patched a lady with severe low back pain. She could hardly move or get up from a chair even pushing with her hands. Her pain was completely gone after patching. 

Another guest was weak from severe pain. He trembled trying to get up, and shuffled his feet about 8 feet, then dropped onto a sofa, panting heavily. These symptoms were gone after patching. See below.

The conditions that can be treated with the patches is unlimited: keeping the face wrinkle-free is much easier without needles. I’ve been putting a patch between my eyebrows daily for two months, which eliminated the wrinkles in this area (compared it with my photo in 2008 above).

I’ve cured the bone-on-bone knee of Larry for 17 years with the NBE therapy. Now his other knee had been acting up, and he noticed the benefits of the patches in additional to my main therapy.

It is important to note that one treatment would not cure a chronic condition. Regular therapy with NBE treatment and using the patches in between is the most effective way to restore health. Meanwhile, adhering to a proper diet and lifestyle is also necessary.

Also, you cannot expect a doctor to cure your ailments alone without your participation. Our approach empowers the patients to take charge of their own health. To get the most benefits from our lectures, please download from the Internet the 14 meridians and study them before attending our classes.

Please share this information with your health practitioners and friends.

If you have any questions, contact me at or (714) 883-3382.


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