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By: Maylee Tong

Recently I was introduced to a healthy way of cooking with a stainless steel non porous cookware made of 316 Ti American and Swiss top surgical steel recommended by many doctors and the Gerson Cancer Institute.

Let me explain why we switched our cookwares to this non porous stainless steel (NPSS) cookware after using ours for 30 years. It was the pollution test we saw in a demo dinner given by Margaret, a cooking coach in Irvine, CA. She puts a spoon of baking soda in 2 cups of water and boils it for 10 min in this NPSS cookware and several other cookware made of stainless steel, cast iron, ceramic, Teflon, etc. The baking soda water from the NPSS cookware just tasted salty and even fishy-the original taste of baking soda. Other baking soda liquids from even in name brands stainless steel cookware like Williams Sonoma, Amway  iCookware, All Clad and Le Creuset, other name brand cast iron cookware, aluminum, Corningware (Ceramic) etc, tasted very bitter and had metallic tastes. Ceramic cookware contains lead to make it heat and crack resistance. Teflon, non stick cookware contains PFOA which is harmful to our health. After tasting the liquids in this pollution test, we didn’t want to take any chance. We gave away all our Amway stainless steel cookware, the crockpot (Ceramic), and rice cooker (Teflon).

My point is, we have spent top dollars to get the best name brands in cars, clothings, leather goods (handbags) etc., but have we thought of getting the best to cook our foods that we eat every day to sustain our life?

For those who couldn’t afford it, the company have payment plan of no interest for 12 months.

We are not affiliated with the company in any ways. My husband Dr. Tong is recommending that to his patients just for the health benefits! Also, they are  giving referral gifts when you refer. Why not? It’s a good thing to share with family and friends!

This Non porous Stainless Steel (NPSS) cookware not only retains up to 93% of food nutrients,  but also made of 316Ti top surgical stainless steel that contains Molybdenum  which makes it non porous. That means no heavy metals would leach into your food. It also resists chemical reactions with acids. The vacuum seal and low heat waterless cooking reserves enzymes in food while cooking. Therefore food tastes better and healthier. It also has a easy heat control system and superior heat distribution around each of the pot. A patterned vapor vent alerts user when to reduce heat.

The PCRM (Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine) highly recommends it for everyone, especially for cancer and diabetic patients.

Dr. Elain, my daughter and I were too busy to cook before. But both of us are cooking much more frequently now because it’s easier to cook with this highly efficient and functional cookware!

Dr Tong is very happy that I started to cook more. We used to eat out a lot and it’s very unhealthy.

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