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Einstein Affirmed Chinese Wisdom

A spiritual way to health, peace, and prosperity

Unfathomable Findings

What I am presenting is a truly monumental breakthrough in science and medicine. My findings are unfathomable, but I will prove them with science and examples. This is what I have found:

1) All physical and mental ailments can be readily reversed and cured by enhancing Chinese medicine with nerve blocks, a therapy that I call Neuro-BioEnergetics. Thousands of testimonies from patients with a variety of ailments are posted on Most of them have tried other therapies for years without any results, yet over 90% experienced dramatic relief with their first NBE treatment.

2) Youth can be recovered and sustained… in fact, forever theoretically. I shall prove this with Einstein’s equation E=mc2.

3) By following natural laws, you can improve your health, wealth, and even your life and destiny.

4) Ancient sages knew more about big bang (the birth of the physical universe) than modern science.

These findings come from Chinese wisdom of Chinese medicine, Daoism, and Buddhism. The secret lies within our mental/spiritual system, the non-physical realm whose energy the Chinese call Qi, which enlivens the physical world. You’ll learn about Qi and its role in shaping our lives.

Western science examines the physical domain. Today, physics is our most accurate science, but classical Newtonian physics is not perfect. Its notion that our existence is purely physical contradicts the Law of Entropy, which states that all matter decays with time. If both instances were true, the Earth would have decayed today. Since this is not the case, there must be a non-physical realm with the behavior of negative entropy (negentropy), where energy does not decay and has the ability to keep order.

Indeed, quantum mechanics later revealed that all matter has a particle and a wave aspect. The “particle” is the physical aspect, and “wave” is the non-physical component commonly known as the mind/soul/spirit. Unfortunately, science cannot detect this spiritual element and knows little about it.

The Chinese discovered the spiritual realm.

This spiritual portion is what the Chinese had observed thousands of years ago. They found that it is the living aspect of our existence, Qi energy, that provides the power for the living functions of the body.

The Chinese saw that the true nature of everything is Qi []. For example, Sky Qi [天氣] = weather, Spleen Qi [脾氣] = personality, Living Qi [生氣]=life and prosperity, Evil Qi [邪氣]=pathological qi, Yin Qi, Yang Qi, and Earth Qi. Also, the definition of physical death is the “disruption of Qi” [斷氣}, which is more accurate than the absence of EEG or EKG, since Qi is the source of life.

Energy science (science of the spiritual world) abounds the Chinese language: the noun for love is “love heart” [愛心] as heart Qi enables the body to feel love and joy – whereas the mechanical heart has no feeling. [斷腸]“broken intestine” means extreme sadness, as the small intestine is the Yang counterpart of heart, and also deals with love. [肝火] “Liver fire” means anger, [大膽] “big gall” means boldness, [] and skin consists of a wrap with a “7”[] + stomach []. Energetically, Skin Qi and Lung Qi belong to the metal vibration. The number 7 is also metal, whereas stomach is Earth, which together generates metal.

The Chinese revered the spiritual over the physical. The word for “busy” [] is spirit + death. The Chinese know that business is usually due to excessive materialism and that the spirit is neglected as a result. “Money” [] is gold on the left with two weapons on the right– this indicates that money would bring about conflicts. And “forget” [] is death on top of the heart, as the Heart Qi has to do with memory. In Cantonese, [心機] “heart function” means memory.

The Daoists observations

How did the Chinese learn all of this? The knowledge came through meditation – by deliberately blocking out the physical senses, one would experience the spiritual self. Nearly 3000 years ago, the founder of Daoism, Laozi (BC 571-471), observed that before the birth of the physical universe, there was a vast void, or nothingness, which he called “Dao” – the Way, the Principle. The Dao partially divided itself into Yin and Yang opposites, the interplay of which transformed itself into the physical universe. (This is known as the Big Bang in physics.) Thus Daoism sees that “NATURE AND MEN ARE ONE,” just as Einstein later proved that ENERGY and MATTER are interconvertible.

The Chinese observed this interconvertibility of the physical and spiritual centuries ago. In the body, our soul transforms Qi—which we acquire from air, water, and food—into material essence, Jing [], which is used to make new cells. The Daoists also created the Qi exercise called Qigong, which one performs to cultivate Jing to enhance Qi. Qi enhances Shen, and Shen is used to return home to the Void [鍊精化氣,鍊氣化神, 鍊神還虛].

The Daoists further describe the spiritual world using the Tai Chi sign, with the characteristics of balance, circular form, and movement. The black and white regions of the sign represent Yin and Yang complementary opposites, which go in cycles. Extreme Yin would revert back to Yang and vice versa. Based on Daoism, N. Bohr proposed the Complementarity Principle. Later when the King of Denmark knighted him, he wore the Tai Chi sign to give credit to the Chinese.

Buddha made similar observations:

All arises from the Mind; All is hence governed in kind.
The ebb and flow of harmony, through which we indivisibly bind.
Physical is but illusion, driven by Karmic deeds combined.
Where inspiration emanates, wisdom one will also find.
Eternal and omnipotent, mending problems of all kind.
No creation or destruction; same for addition or reduction.
Neither soiled or clean; evil or good unseen.
Transcending space and time — All is infinitely confined. Favoring not cruel or kind — Harmony is spiritually designed.

Buddha found that everything arises from the Mind – life, emotions, sickness, material creations, and event. ( everything arises from mental ideas. [萬法從心生] -[相從心生],[病從心生]) Some of the other characteristics of the spiritual world are: [不生不滅, 不淨不垢,不增不減, 無窮無盡, 超空超時].

Its energy is neither created nor destroyed – which is consistent with the 1st Law of Thermodynamics, Negentropy, and Stephen Hawking’s research. It is not clean nor soiled – Nature is balanced and does not favor Yin or Yang, heat or cold, good or evil, as Laozi said, “Do that which consists of doing nothing, and order will prevail.” This is because the Spiritual Qi that governs the physical world is always in “balance.”

It has no boundary or limits – It is infinitely big. There is nothing “outside,” hence there can be no addition or reduction. It transcends time and space. Mathematically, all Spiritual Qi vibrates at an infinite speed. The Mind, thus, transcends time/space and is omnipresent. This is consistent with Bell’s Theorem.

Confirmation with Einstein’s E=mc2

Amazingly, Einstein’s famous equation confirms much of the above findings. [E=mc2]

Note that physical energy is positive with positive entropy. Spiritual energy is negative with negative entropy, meaning it has the ability to keep order. It also means that spirits can never die, so we are eternal beings. Moreover, the absence of death means the absence of birth,, which means that Qi moves in circles. Therefore, the Chinese observed that “extremes meet” [物極必反]. Hence, Qi orbits in circles. In other terms, space is circular and not curved as Einstein said. (Qi’s circular motion can also be proven mathematically, which I shall explain in future publication.)

How Spiritual Qi sustains health

There are two key facts to remember. Firstly, Qi is negentropic, which means that it can sustain order. Secondly, the manner it sustains order is through balance and harmony. Balance is the key to physical longevity. If Nature favors heat over cold, with time, the universe will melt and the body will die from fever.

Thus, Chinese medicine heals by restoring mind/body harmony, contrasting to western medicine’s use of physical antagonism – antibiotics, anti-inflammatory drugs, analgesics, and antidepressants.

It is important to note that a sufficient amount of Qi can heal all disorders, just as enough money can solve all problems in a business. The cause of ailments is the lack of Qi and balance.

意到氣到, 氣到血到. Wherever the mind goes, Qi goes; wherever Qi goes, blood goes. Various Qi from our mind enters the body via different meridians (antennas). Qi then attaches to and governs blood flow to maintain the health of different tissues. Deleterious factors cause meridian mind/body blockages (MBB), which deprive local tissues of Healing Qi, resulting in disorders. Clearing MBB restores Qi flow and cures the problem. The problem with Chinese medicine is that acupuncture is too weak to clear severe MBB. Adding nerve blocks produces instant profound results.

Typical Cases– See cases from radio shows and youtube videos on for more details

[RS=radio shows, YT= Youtube video]

1. JUDY K. — Failed Back Surgery X2, recurrent bronchitis/pneumonia, UTI, yeast inf. Depression 65 y/o, 24/7 pain for 28 years, 2 suicide attempts. Most pain alleviated with first NBE Tx, all symptoms eventually cured, with no major symptoms for over 18 years. (See more YT 02/10/09)

2. VICKI – Rheumatoid arthritis, Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Carpal Tunnel syndrome, Chronic Sinusitis, Allergies, Baker’s Cyst, Migraine Headaches, Depression, Rec. Laryngitis 37y/o, problems for 10 years and took 10-14 drugs daily. One NBE treatment enabled her to stop all meds.
(See more RS 11/30/02)

3. JAMA – Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy, wrist, arm, shoulder, neck, head and eye pain, Depression 30 y/o R.N., severe RSD from work injury, disabled for 3 years, no ROM right arm, air draft causes severe pain, My first treatment (acupuncture only) relieved all pain, full ROM, 2 more NBE therapies provided “76% improvement”, cured after 2 years of treatments and has returned to work as a nurse for over 18 months. (See more YT 01/15/19)

4. ALBERT G. – Lower Back Pain, Leg Pain, Spinal Stenosis, chondromalacia of knee 75-y/o, back and knee pain X 2 years, unable to get up from chair even pushing with his hands, got up without pain and hands after the first treatment, went fishing that night carrying his gear and walked ¼ miles, cured after 10 treatments with no symptoms for the last 4 years. (See more RS 11/29/03)

5. Robbie – Partial paralysis, muscular atrophy – 67 y/o, 24/7 pain after an assault 12 years ago. The bad leg is half the size of the normal one. She could lift her leg only 1 to 2” from the bed lying down. After her first NBE treatment, she could lift her leg nearly 90 degrees, and walk without her metal brace and walker. Eventually her leg became normal in size and she can walk without a cane. (See more YT 04/26/10 , 01/27/12)

6. Patricia – Back, knee, shoulder, chest pain, SOB, anxiety, fear of dogs – multiple severe pains, had great difficulty getting up from a chair, walking a few steps with her cane would cause severe chest pain and SOB. One NBE treatment relieved all her pains. She could walk without any pain or her cane. Also, she was bitten by a dog decades ago, and had a deep fear of dogs, After our first treatment, this fear has disappeared. (See more YT 12/07/08)

7. Steve B. – Degenerative arthritis, Neck pain, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Immune def., Sinusitis, Lactose Intolerance, Suicidal Ideation – 54-y/o, cured, can eat ice cream any time for over 25 years.
(See more RS 03/17/00)

8. Larry C. – Surgery Avoidance, Chondromalacia R knee, Neck pain 53-y/o former Wimbledon contender, surgery was suggested after numerous cortisone shots and draining of knee fluid. Our treatments enabled him to go back to the court in 3 weeks. He has had no problems for over 10 years.
(See more RS 09/09/00)

9. Andrew – 14-y/o, on multiple meds and inhalers for 10 years, First NBE treatment enabled him to breathe through his nose and stop all his meds, cured after 1-2 years of therapy.

10. Daud – Prostatitis, Polyuria, Severe bladder pain, Extreme cold intolerance, Depression, Mood Swings, Chronic fatigue, Vomiting, Constipation, Sugar Cravings 59-y/o, burning bladder pain for over a decade, got up 10-12 times to urinate… cured for 10 years, then 2 MI’s. (See more RS 10/07/00)

11. Robert H. – Chronic Sinusitis with 2 surgeries, Hypertension, Diabetes, Arthritis 57 y/o, HPT since high school, DM for 10 years, both cured with one treatment. (See more RS 07/14/01)

12. Barbara P. – Intractable Gastric Bleeding – surgery recommended, Anemia, Hepatitis C, Edema, Esophogeal Reflux, Itching, Gallstones, Vertigo, Tinnitus, Diarrhea, Cramps, Difficulty Swallowing 70 y/o, 6 pints of blood failed to stop the bleeding, hemoglobin dropped to 2. Five NBE treatments stopped the gastric bleeding, hemoglobin stabilized at 10.7. Virus titer also dropped from 300,000 to 68.
(See more RS 10/27/01)

13. Lewis – Atrial Fibrillation 76-y/o physicist, 8 years atrial fibrillation, did not respond to 5 meds. A pacemaker caused more problems, One NBE treatment enabled him to stop all meds, 3 months Tx – he could fast-walk 8 miles.
(See more RS 08/17/02)

14. Ruth S. – Diabetes, legally blind, cataracts, back pain, arthritis, incontinence, depression 68 y/o, BS 300 on 120 u of insulin. BP was also close to 300. Now on 0 to 4. insulin with BS 100-140, no longer legally blind, or needs cane to guide her. (See more RS 10/01/05, YT 08/05/14)

15. Rodman – Heart disease, hypertension, chronic bronchitis, emphysema, leg numbness, hearing loss, ankle swelling, multiple pain 88-y/o on 7 drugs, an inhaler, daily oxygen + pacemaker for over 20 years. He came in comatose and cyanotic from a flu- vaccine reaction. He walked out unassisted after 1st NBE Tx. He did well, was totally independent, for 5 years, and then died of renal failure.

16. Rachel – (Infertility, Dysmenorrhea, Menstrual Irregularity, Back Pain) 30-y/o, NBE Tx enabled her to have a girl and then a boy. She tried conventional fertility pills first, but failed each time.

17. Laura – Multiple Sclerosis, Infertility, hypothyroidism 42 y/o athlete, fell daily for 5 years, stopped falling after one NBE Tx, unable to conceive due to thyroid dis., our Tx enabled her to have another child.

18. Matthew – Paranoid Schizophrenia, Vomiting, Indigestion, Gait problems, Low Energy, Nightmares, Depression, Loss of Color Vision 14-y/o (“possessed by the devil”), 2 hospital Tx.
(See more RS 04/17/04)

19. Dick T. – Alzheimer’s – 64 y/o, lost memory and ability to talk X 2 years, cured with 7 NBE Tx. See also Irene – Alzheimer’s, knee/Joint Pain/Swelling developed dementia from pres. drugs (See more RS 04/17/04, RS 05/05/01)

20. Kay – Breast Cancer, gen. bone pains, fatigue, nausea, Leukopenia, constipation, dry mouth 41 y/o, severe side effects from chemo, which drop (WBC) count each time to near zero, like 500, despite injections to stimulate bone marrow to produce white cells. Each NBE Tx raise WBC to 5000 or more, her tumor had shrunk from 6 cm to 4 cm after 10 treatments. (See more RS 05/22/04)

21. Joe B. – Bowel cancer, Asthma, multiple pains, profuse mucous. 69 y/o with decades of asthma, which we cured with 7 Tx, took no meds for 5 years, then developed CA, spent $3 million on Orthodox Tx, and was worse, unable to breath due to profuse mucous. He was dramatically better after just one NBE Tx and was able to return to normal work with two additional Tx.

22. Lon – (Liver and heart Failure, acites and ankle swelling) 43-y/o, UCLA said he needed double transplants, but they were reluctant to do them due to his precarious condition. He could hardly walk, but after a few NBE Tx, he could walk up 4-flight of stairs each time he came for our Tx.

23. Tony R. – Hepatitis C, liver transplant, hepatitis 47 y/o, on transplant list for 2 years, nearly died 5 X from encephalopathy, he was so fatigued he could hardly talk or open his eyes, dramatic improvement with 1st NBE Tx. (See more YT 12/30/11)

24. Richard R. – Post lung transplant, SOB/, skin inflammation, multiple pains, weakness of knee and leg 73 y/o physician, severe SOB and leg weakness after transplant, after 1st NBE Tx,, could walk upstairs without SOB.

25. Rosa – Subdural Hematoma, Stroke, Seizures, slurred speech, could not walk 86-y/o, subdural hematoma from a brain surgery, doctors had given up, an acupuncturist saved her but could not help her pain, seizures, speech and walking, after 10 NBE treatments, she could walk over 500 feet at a time without any help, her speech was no longer slurred, and her seizures were greatly reduced. Her liver enzymes, which were elevated, also returned to normal. (See more RS 09/01/01)

26. Rick – Autism, hand tremor 50 y/o, would not talk for 50 years, 3 Tx cured the speech problem. Johnathan, 14 y/o, drugs made him worse, NBE Tx cured him: from totally withdrawn to friendly and mature.

27. Diana – Muscular atrophy, sciatic pain, Chronic Back Pain, Allergies, Sleep Apnea, Indigestion, Sinusitis back pain for 12 years, muscular dystrophy for 4 years with one leg being half the size of the other. After 8-9 Tx, both legs are equal in size and strength. (See more RS 03/16/02, 09/17/2002)

28. Anthony – Born with dropped foot 15 y/o, born with a dropped foot that could not move upward at all. Nothing has helped in 15 years, yet one NBE treatment enabled him to move his foot upward. After two more treatments, he improved his mile time from 7.5 minutes to 5.5 minutes.
(See more YT 11/24/08)

29. Kevin R. – Leg pain and spasms, Failure to Grow 17-y/o, grew 3.5” in 12 months after 5 treatments. (See more RS 08/10/02)

Note that western medicine diagnoses are merely labels of symptoms, which reveal nothing about the causes or the MBB. Basically, everything acquired can be reversed and cured by clearing these MBB. With the help of unblocking MBB, patients can sustain health through a balanced diet and lifestyle.

Restoring and sustaining youth

Youth can be restored just as an old house can be remodeled to a new condition. Moreover, the house can be kept new forever – as long as there is a living human with enough Qi (or the money to acquire the Qi) to maintain it. The same applies to a body as long as the eternal soul is connected to the body. However, this process is limited by the Law of Karma, which determines one’s life span on Earth. (See proof of Karma below).

The Spiritual Qi dictates the physical landscape. Aging effects are caused by the reduction of Qi and blood flow from MBB. Most MBB are caused by emotional damages we have accumulated, and by other unnatural factors, such as chemicals, drugs (legal and illegal), vaccines, genetically modified organisms (GMOs), and EMF. Clearing these MBB will restore the tissues to the physiological state of a younger age, resulting in a healthier and a younger look.

Eternal physical life is possible with spiritual principles. A living example is the relic of Buddha, which is the remnant of certain tissue (muscle, hair or bone) of Buddha’s body (and some enlightened Buddhist monk) that will not decompose, even with fire, and remains structurally intact for thousands of years.

Does this fact violate the Law of Entropy?

The Chinese culture is ingrained with harmony

[萬事以和為貴] – “That which ultimately benefits all is harmony.” [和氣生財] – “Harmony produces wealth.” [家和萬事興] – “Harmony in family results in prosperity for all.  “[過尤不及]” – Excess is equivalent to deficiency.”

[] – “Harmony” is WHEAT + MOUTH – the character that was shown in the opening of the 2008 Beijing Olympics. Chinese leaders have been reviving traditional values and diligently acquiring energy and food to feed their people. In Chinese history, the Han race was not invaded by any nation for thousands of years.

[仁者無敵] – “There is no match for benevolence.” [以暴易暴] – “Violence begets violence.” The word for “force”[] is stop + weapon. Hence the Chinese made no further weaponry advancements after they invented gunpowder, until the Opium War, when they realize weaponry developments were needed for defense.


Energy science permeates the Chinese society

At all levels, PEACE and PROSPERITY can be achieved through harmony. [修身, 齊家, 治國, 平天下] Confucius advocated that all men should “cultivate personal virtue, harmonize family, govern the nation, and achieve world peace.”

Family harmony is valued. Marriages were arranged by checking the five Qi elements of the couple for balance. For example,  if one lacks Metal Qi and the prospective mate has an excess of metal, then they would form a strong union. This was the main reason why divorces in ancient China were very rare.

Feng shui or Chinese astrology is the art of applying the same principles of Chinese medicine to harmonize the Qi of the inhabitants with the environment, to ensure harmony with Nature.

KARMA – Einstein’s equation and the Law of Negentropy both show that Qi orbits in complete circles. Since Qi is required for actions and thoughts, the effects of our actions will always return to affect us. In other words, we create our own destiny. This is the basis for the Law of Karma – the supreme Law that provides the reasons for living on Earth and generates all material events.

The global rise of the formerly oppressed East and the fall of the former oppressors in the West was a display of international Karma (i.e. the Greeks are paying for the deeds of Alexander the Great, the Italians for that of the Roman Empire).

However, on a positive note, we can improve our destiny by doing charity. I have improved all aspects of my life following this principle and improved my own health through Chinese medicine and Feng Shui.

In summary, [理無二至, 道本一體 ] Daoism states “there cannot be two sets of truth, because there is only one Dao (the way or principle).” We see this from the findings discovered separately by Laozi and Buddha, and later on by modern science.

Regarding Big bang – If you cannot “see” it with your mind then you will not see it in space or with physical experiments.

In health, the most important thing to learn is that the spirit governs matter. Curing ailments is impossible without learning about the negentropic realm.

Curing ailments requires restoring health, which implies the absence of all symptoms. Hence, treating one symptom at a time will never restore health or lead to a cure.

Using symptom-suppression chemical drugs does not improve health, as all chemicals from prescription drugs, vaccines, and GMOs are very entropic and harmful to the body.

When does life begin? Spirit is life and is always perfect and never decays. The spirit of the physical body is always complete, even at the one-cell stage. Therefore, life begins at conception, and any abortion is murder. We shall collectively suffer from the Karmic consequences of the abortions we allow.

Much conflict in modern societies is due to the ignorance of spiritual principles. If you start or incite a war and justify it with excuses, you will reap what you have sowed. Nature never forgets, as it always maintains “balance” to keep the physical universe permanent.

On the positive side, incredible feats are possible by becoming one with Nature. Not only can we eliminate dreadful ailments that are considered incurable by Orthodox medicine, we can recover youth, achieve vibrant health, obtain super-longevity, and improve our chances of succeeding in all endeavors.

Finally, we should always enhance humanity rather than our own personal interests as we are spiritually connected as a whole. In this way, we can create a better world and more meaningful lives for everyone.

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