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To Whom It May Concern:

I am a dancer and teacher who suffered a very bad horseback riding accident several years ago. I have been through surgery, years of physical therapy, medications, etc. I recovered enough from this accident to dance and teach again, but I always had some form of discomfort and was very prone to overuse injuries. During a recent rehearsal period, I developed tendonitis and subsequently sprained my ankle. The orthopedist prescribed an anti-inflammatory. However, after a few weeks, I was not getting much relief. Some of my students at the ballet studio recommended Dr. Tong, and although I was hesitant, I finally decided to try his treatment. After one treatment from Dr. Tong the tendonitis was almost gone and my ankle felt 75% better. Approximately 4 to 6 sessions later, my ankle was completely healed and felt stronger than ever.
Subsequently, Dr. Tong treated the constant pain I experienced since my riding accident, and I am now living and dancing virtually pain-free. I still have a few stubborn spots that relapse at times, but after one or two treatments they return to normal. It is a pleasure to finally be able to do what I love without the constant impediment of pain.
Now I go to Dr. Tong for anything and everything. I receive treatments for stress, acne, sinuses, etc. All my treatments continue to be very effective and my original skepticism is replaced with anticipation. I highly recommend Dr. Tong and offer him my most sincere thanks for all his help.

Rachel I.

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