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Dr. Tong and Staff

March 25, 1991

I was diagnosed as having severe sciatica February 1, 1991, by my doctor at Kaiser. After a month of taking medication, heat packs, rest etc, my pain decreased about thirty percent. I was advised to rest because my condition would last about three months. That’s when I started thinking about other alternatives.

My other alternative was something drug less, so I decided to try acupuncture or whatever Dr. Tong advised. I was referred to Dr. Tong by a friend who gave me a newspaper clipping of Dr. Tong and his methods.

I would like to say it’s the best thing to happen to me. After three treatments that pain in my thigh and buttock is gone, my mobility is 100% and my mental state is back to normal.

Every person is different physically, what works for me may not work for someone else. I would like to say to anyone who is in severe pain, try Dr. Tong’s methods it may be the best move you’ll ever make.

Thanks to Dr. Tong and his caring staff for all the excellent medical care, sciatica comes and goes, if I have another attack Dr. Tong is my doctor.

Thank you

– Richard G.

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