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After having a laminectomy (back surgery) and being hospitalized for 5 weeks, the cure for my pain was very temporary. With constant pain again, I was advised to have 2 epidural blocks. The first one relieved me for a few weeks, and the second one was nil. The response I got from my doctor was to test me for another surgery but I definitely refused. The response from other doctors was “ learn to live with it.”

After over 2 years of pain and pills, my wife handed me an ad of Dr. Tong’s and told me “ you have nothing else to lose and he may help you”. That was my lucky day, because after 2 treatments, I lost about 70% of the pain and was truly amazed at the outcome.

I’ve had a total of 8 treatments and sincerely, if I knew then what I know now, I believe I would never have undergone surgery.

“THANK YOU”, Dr. Tong.

Ed R.
– Long Beach

38 - Dr Tong Testimonial Letter

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