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Due to a back injury in 1943, I suffered pain which got progressively worse. In 1979, I had the first of five back surgeries. These gave me temporary relief but the pain always come back. Dr. Tong was recommended by a friend who had been helped by his treatments. He has treated me or pain in my lower back, shoulders, arms, and hands, and now I am getting relief from the pain which I have suffered for so many years. I think with further treatment I will be able to throw my cane away and play golf again. Dr. Tong is now treating the tremors in both hands which are a result of the stress due to the pain I’ve suffered. He says I am a very difficult case because of the scar tissue caused by the surgeries. I feel that I would not have had all these surgeries if I had been treated by Dr. Tong. I have recommended him to friends and they have been helped by his treatments. I will enthusiastically continue to recommend him

– Raymond B.

41 - Dr Tong Testimonial Letter

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