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Five years ago, I was very active playing softball. One night in San Clemente, I severely twisted my neck in a game. The next day I felt excruciating pain in my neck and shoulders. The muscles in my neck were constantly tight and the nerves were frazzled causing spasms and jerky head movements.
I consulted various medical physicians and specialists who prescribed Valium, Physical therapy and neck braces. I also saw quite a few chiropractors, who adjusted my spine. All of these methods gave me temporary relief, but the pain and stiffness remained. I had missed 14 weeks of work and was facing a life of pain and disability.
I answered Dr. Tong’s ad in the Long Beach Press Telegram. Dr. Tong and his staff have provided me with expert and friendly medical services. Almost immediately I noticed the pain starting to decrease. After a few acupuncture and nerve blocks from Dr. Tong and Dr. Qi, my neck has steadily regained its normal flow of movement. Now I can play softball three times a week and feel like living again.
I am forever grateful to Dr. Tong and his staff for assisting me on the road to recovery. I highly recommend Dr. Tong to anyone who is experiencing pain or a disability.

-Dennis M. D.

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