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When I came to Dr. Tong with chronic pain I thought I had tried everything for relief; vitamins & herbs, hydrotherapy, physical therapy, muscle relaxers and pills, chiropractic, and Jin Shin Jyutsu–all with minimum or no relief. At the time of my first treatment, my muscle spasms and migraines were chronic and debilitating. I was unable to get any quality sleep. The migraines were now more frequent–weekly, and longer duration (medication really wasn’t helping anything much).

After the first treatment, my back spasms stopped and better yet, after the first month of treatment, migraines diminished considerably, not one in three months. With some pain relief I was able to sleep through the night more often. In addition, as a positive side effect, my doctor noticed the disappearance of the “ropey” tissues in my muscles and breasts. Also, I was able to eliminate several prescriptions I was using to control the spasms and pain.

As I continue to improve, I look forward to a better quality of life due to my treatments by Dr. Tong and hopefully a recovery from my painful symptoms.

– J. L. J.

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