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Dear Dr. Tong,

Thank you for ending my long-standing suffering from pain which I have endured for the past several years. I must admit, when I first came to you for help I was extremely skeptical as to whether you would be able to help me.
Prior to coming to you, I had been under the care of two chiropractors for my herniated disc. Each was highly regarded, in fact, the last doctor who treated me was recommended to me by a friend who praised his ability. Nevertheless, after six months of treatments I was no better off than my initial visit. Suffering from pain so intense that I went nights without sleep while also taking time off from work, I had all but conceded that surgery would be the only cure. It was at this time that I saw your advertisement in the Long Beach Press Telegram.
As I’ve already stated I was very pessimistic as to whether your methods for pain control could actually be beneficial to me. At that point in time, I had nothing to lose so that is why I came to you. To my amazement, I felt immediate relief from my pain on my first visit. Although my following treatments were not as dramatic, the total effect has been the eventual elimination of my lower back pain. Your treatments have allowed me to resume many of the activities I was unable to do prior to being under your care.
Once again, thanks for bringing normalcy and health back into my life

Calvin Y.

11 - Dr Tong Herniated Disc Testimonial Letter







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