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To whom it may concern. I can’t believe it for the first time in years I think there is hope for my problem. For eighteen years, I have had neck and back problems. Since 1969, I have been going to chiropractors for relief which was only temporary. I was born with severe congenital deformity in my neck and upper back. When most doctors look at my x-rays, they were astounded that I could lead any kind of normal life. They said most people with cases like mine are bedridden. It’s not just the pain or limited movement that is really bad, it’s all the side effects. Headaches, nervousness, upset stomach, dizziness, etc. I feel very fortunate to have met Doctor Tong. I feel very confident about what he can do. I realize he cannot cure my deformity, but I know he can make my life a lot more comfortable and give me a chance to have a fuller life with less problems. About two years ago, my energy level started dropping off badly. I did not know it was because of muscle spasms in my back. I thought it was something more serious. So I went to Scripts Clinic in San Diego for a week and also to UCLA in Westwood. Both places said there was absolutely nothing wrong with me. Now after 6 treatments at Dr. Tong’s office, my energy level has picked up dramatically and my back and neck feel better than they have in years.

I really feel sorry for all those people who are suffering with pain needlessly and don’t know about Dr. Tong. I have been to hundreds of doctors and believe me, he is the best there is.

Sincerely yours
Steve B.

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