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In December 2013, Fred went out of state to visit his family for Christmas. Unfortunately, he became extremely ill during his trip and was later diagnosed with having pancreatic cancer. Fred was advised by his provider about undergoing radiation, chemotherapy, and or whipple surgery for the removal of the pancreatic tumor they found in him. He was bed-ridden for 3 weeks and returned to California in mid-March of 2014 for Dr. Tong’s NBE treatments.

Fred was very weak and felt like he had no energy. After Dr. Tong’s treatment, Fred felt stronger and had more energy.

**Please follow Fred’s story in the next video: “Fred (part C) – Pancreatic Cancer, Low Energy/Extreme Weakness, Vision Loss” (RS #342 9/7/13 YT Video Part 1 YT Video Part 3)

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