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Fred was a patient of Dr. Tong’s and had his first treatment in 2012 for diabetes, diabetic neuropathy, limb numbness, and diabetic retinopathy which affected both eyes. He had cataract surgery for both eyes during 2011 to 2012; neither were beneficial. He lost vision in the right eye, whereas the left eye vision is what the patient described to be “murky clear.” After several months of treatment, Fred was able to discern color contrast with his left eye. His neuropathy also improved tremendously to where he no longer felt instant stabbing pain in the feet.

Fred also suffered from arthritis pain in the hips and both shoulders for about 10 years. However, after 1 year of NBE treatments, his arthritic pain ceased. Fred was placed on 4 different high blood pressure medications, but through the NBE therapy, was able to maintain blood pressure levels of 110-130/75-80.

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