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Rick initially visited Dr. Tong 7 years ago for severe pain in the legs due to his diabetic neuropathy. He also had his left foot amputated and was experiencing phantom foot pain. He became depressed after years of suffering and was taking up to 5 different prescriptions.

Within the first 6-9 months of Dr. Tong’s NBE treatments, Rick was no longer depressed. Both his phantom and leg pain have also dissipated once he began treatments. After just 2 years of NBE treatment, Rick was able to get off most of his medications.

Rick was recently treated for his sleep apnea, headaches, and chronic diarrhea. The NBE treatment improved his breathing immediately and reduced the severe headache tension to a mild pain behind the eyes. Additionally, the treatments are also helping to improve his chronic diarrhea condition. (RS #257 7/4/09)

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