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Fibromyalgia, Emotional Withdrawal

Leslie has been suffering from fibromyalgia and emotional withdrawal (due to the pain and lack of activity) for about 2 years.  Leslie was taking up to 10 different forms of medications.  Since her first NBE treatment, she felt extreme calmness and much reduction in her pain level.   Leslie has now had a total of 3 treatments and is making an overall improvement.  She feels great and is ready for her trip to Hawaii.


Trigeminal myalgia, Grief

Eva has suffered from severe facial pain, specifically trigeminal neuralgia for about 20 years.   Within those two decades, she has seen at least 6 to 8 doctors and tried various pain medications which would initially alleviate the pain but wear off over time.  After she began getting treatments from Dr. Tong, she has noticed a steady improvement in her pain level.  She made changes to her diet and continues to take her herbal supplements to help herself.   Eva also had some emotional issues due to the loss of her two sisters.  However, the patient has been able to better manage her emotional state ever since her NBE treatments.

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