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Jorge Talking About His Mother Elvira ( RS 287 8/20/11 , 297 3/3/12 , 305 8/4/12YTYT AYT B) suffers from diabetes, thyroid problems, and vision loss. One day she received a frightening phone call and said she felt a shooting pain in her pancreas area. Soon after, she developed a fisheye on her toe in which her physician said that he would have to cut it off which caused immense suffering. She was on medication for diabetes including insulin, however her sugar levels could never be controlled. After her first treatment, her leg swelling immediately started to decrease and never returned. The next day she went to her ophthalmologist and was able to see all the letters for the Eye Test for the first time in 5 years! After her second treatment, she had much more energy and was much stronger!


Vera suffers from foot pain with neuropathy and could hardly walk. She also had a growth on the side of her stomach that was progressively growing larger. At the time, she was on an HMO policy and the physicians just kept referring her to other physicians. She had multiple MRI’s and prescribed medications with no help. After her first treatment, she was much more calm and her pain decreased to 1/10 whereas before it was 15/10! She noticed relief within 15 minutes of her treatment and all of her symptoms have greatly improved! She went from using a walker to using a cane with just one treatment!

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