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Andrea  is a Maritime captain and diver that suffered a work related injury that caused hearing loss, extreme pain, sensitivity, and vertigo. She consulted with three different physicians that told her to just choose a different profession as there were no physical abnormalities with her test results. After her first treatment, she was able to remove her ear plugs and was without pain for the first time since her work injury. She could be in large crowds without discomfort or pain. Andrea also had an old knee injury from a torn meniscus and was unable to bend her knee, however after her second treatment she was able to bend her knee all the way to her bottom! Her hearing has improved 70%!


Dave suffers from 40 years of mild depression, with an increase in anxiety and insomnia within the last 10 years. He was taking medications but it was making him feel numb. He was unable to work, was suicidal, and was experiencing horrible depression due to a combination of outside factors. After his first treatment, he felt very relaxed. After his second treatment, his anxiety and depression were alleviated! He was still experiencing chest pain and palpitations, however after his third treatment these symptoms were cured as well! His stomach was feeling immensely better with less pain and discomfort. Dave has had 5 total treatments, and feels like a completely different person!

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