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General Dystonia, Hand Tremors, Tendonitis, Anxiety, Depression

Joe was born and raised in Southern California. He faced many challenges growing up with generalized dystonia. His disability caused him to stop working in 2004 due to the amount of pain he was in walking and using his hands. He suffers from tremors in his hands and has tendonitis in the elbows. He was unable to use his hands to hold a spoon and pick things up due to the tremors. He had fractures in the left foot which caused immense pain every time he walked. He was diagnosed with generalized dystonia. Since age sixteen he had such difficulty walking with his legs that he was prescribed a wheelchair. He walks regularly with a cane. After two treatments from his NBE treatments he was able to raise his feet off the ground and walk without a cane. He has had depression and anxiety for as long as he can remember due to coping with his physical disability. After his first treatment his mood was enhanced and he now has a positive outlook on his health and personal life.

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