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Dave (RS #266 11/14/09 , YT) suffers from Plantar Faschiittis for the past 2-3 years. He also has struggled with clinical depression for 20 years. After taking medication for seven years the medication lost its effectiveness. He also had to double the dosages to gain any effective. He realized he did not feel any emotions from taking medication. He suffered many losses and felt like he was having a nervous breakdown. After his first treatment with NBE he felt emotionally lighter. He also was rid of foot pain after his first treatment.

Jackie suffers from depression, loss of appetite, migraines and arm pain. She was feeling very disconnected from her husband and was feeling guarded and blocked from him. She was unable to eat and had no spirit in her eyes. They were on the brink of divorce, however after getting treated by Dr Tong, they were able to save their marriage! She feels much more calm and open with Dave, and feels like he has opened up more as well. Aside from her emotional release, her physical pains were alleviated as well!

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