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Low back pain, Sleep difficulty, L Hip Pain

Junella has a holistic medical practice and is a colleague of Dr. Tong’s. Her mother Alice had suffered from low back pain for a very long time. She tried acupuncture, Chinese herbs and yoga to no permanent relief. She also had a lot of stress and tension built up due to her fast paced lifestyle and career. She had left hip pain which she put most of her weight on. After her first treatment she saw significant improvements on her low back. She was able to sleep the whole night through.

Psoriasis, Sleeping Difficulty, Frequent Urination, Low Back Pain, Neck Pain, Shoulder Pain, Voice Loss, High Blood Pressure

Roger is from Huntington Beach, Ca and is a Repair man. He has been suffering for a year with psoriasis on his feet and hands. He avoided going to the doctors but after listening to the radio show for a couple of years decided to come in for a treatment. After the second treatment with Dr. Tong his skin condition improved by 70%. Roger also struggles with frequent urination and sleeping difficulty. The treatment also helped him sleep through the night without the need to urinate. He has also struggled with low back pain, neck pain and shoulder pain. These pain symptoms have decreased after his first treatment. His wife also goes to Dr. Tong for her high blood pressure, breathing problems, sleeping difficulty, and tremors in hand. After her first treatment she was able to stop taking medication for her blood pressure, she also had improved breathing, sleeping and decrease in tremors in hand.

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