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Rash on Bilateral Hands, Neck pain, Leg Pain, Hip Pain, Stress

Erika ( YT Part 1, YT Part 2 )lives in Santa Ana, Ca.  She had a painful rash on both hands for four years and could not keep her job as a physical therapist.  She also had pain in other areas of her body including the neck, hip, and leg.  Erika tried many conventional and alternative treatments, but essentially found no cure to her problems.  However, after she received a few treatments from Dr. Tong, the rash and her pain conditions decreased.

Leukoplakia of Throat and Tongue, Joint Pain, Neck Pain, Low Back Pain, and Depression

John is a contractor in Riverside County.  He had been suffering from pain in his neck, low back, and joints.  Many doctors prescribed him pain medication which only provided temporary relief.  John was also plagued by depression and sadness for most of his life, but when he was diagnosed with throat leukoplakia, his depression worsened.  Following his first NBE treatment with Dr. Tong, however, John felt an overall uplifting improvement in his mood.  The pain in his back and neck were also gone.

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