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Headache, Jaw pain, Low back pain, Painful Urination, Avoidance of Surgery

Johnny is from San Diego, California.  He has had jaw pain for the last 6-8 months and severe headaches for nearly 12 months. Johnny tried taking over the counter pain medication but found no relief from them.  Additionally, he has been having difficulty urinating for the last six months.  After receiving his first NBE treatment, Johnny was able to urinate without pain and also found relief from all his other pain symptoms.

Diaphragm pain, Anxiety/Depression

Geraldine was diagnosed with an anxiety disorder more than 20 years ago and has been on medication ever since.  She complained of frequent pain in her diaphragm which would restrict her breathing.  Not being able to breathe normally limited her from physical activities and from enjoying herself.  Upon receiving her first NBE treatment, Geraldine was able to breathe better and was free from anxiety.

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