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Patient has a history of right side meningioma which was operated in 1999. Since her operation, she has experienced some cognitive difficulties, including problems with her memory. She suffers from pain in her right face mainly in the mandibular region. She describes the pain as itching, burning, and painful sensation. It seems to be provoked by chewing, and at times swallowing. She has had a tremor, which she states has been present in both of her hands. She has some incontinence problems and this usually keeps her up at night. She also has had some left lower extremity weakness and complains of back and hip pain and generally uses a cane to walk. She also has had pain in both of her legs. She has had neck pain, shoulder pain, and bilateral arm pain. She gets headaches occasionally due to the pain. However, after NBE treatments, she feels more alert, more strength, and relief of facial pain. (YT Video Part 2)

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