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Judy was a 65-year old white female who began experiencing excruciating back pain during her 4th pregnancy. She consulted an orthopedic surgeon, tried a plethora of drugs, physical therapy, traction, and a shoe lift without any relief. After five years, she underwent a L4-5 laminectomy and fusion, and subsequently spent 3 months in a full body cast, then 6 months in a walking body cast. Her pain did not change, and the surgeon told her that it was only in her head. For the next 21 years she sought help from many specialists, numerous acupuncturists, chiropractors and other alternative therapies. She underwent another back surgery, spent one month at the Johns Hopkins Pain Clinic, was treated at the USC Medical Center, and tried new medications, all to no avail. The pain drove her to two suicidal attempts and she was seriously planning a third attempt when she learned about the NBE treatment.

To her astonishment, the pain that had engulfed the right side of her body for 28 years was totally alleviated with the first treatment! Over the next 3 years she continued NBE treatments for her pain as well as chronic yeast infections, recurrent bronchitis, pneumonia, and depression, all as a result of her suffering and side effects of the drugs she took. These major ailments that she had lived with for decades was eventually eliminated. She moved out of state 18 years ago and told us on a phone call several years back that she has remained symptom free and sees a chiropractor occasionally for minor problems. (RS #261 9/19/09)

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