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Ankle Fracture, Back Pain, Calf Pain, Muscle Tightness

Jude ( YT )had a right ankle fracture about 15 years ago.  Because of his fracture, Jude has had to put more pressure on one leg whenever he walks, which has lead to several years of back pain.  He also experiences tightness in his calves, causing increased difficulty to even walk. After the first NBE treatment, Jude feels significant reduction of pain in his lower back.

Sciatica Nerve Pain, Low Back Pain, Foot Pain, Arm Pain, Neck Pain, Headaches, Knee Pain, Digestive Problems

Veronica ( YT ) has had right sciatic nerve pain and low back pain since 1980 and also suffers from chronic digestive issues.  In 1996, she had a rotator cuff injury that resulted in surgical repair, leaving her with ongoing neck pain and headaches.  After her first NBE treatment, her back pain was nearly gone and she was able to lift her arm without pain.

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