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Chronic Low Back Pain, Leiomyosarcoma, Enlarged Prostate, Frequent Urination, Numbness in Fingers

Steve (RS# 252 1/10/09  YT ) has had chronic low back pain since 2005. He also has history of Leiomyosarcoma currently in remission. He also has an enlarged prostate for about 7 years and it causes him to have frequent urination. He also has problem with anger. After his first NBE treatment, his Low Back Pain was completely gone and he can breath much deeper. The numbness in his fingers, which he had been suffering from for the past 50 years was also much improved after the first treatment. Patient states he also feels much calmer after his treatment.

Neck Pain, Upper Back Pain, Right Arm Pain, Left Foot, Bunion, Menopause, Depression, Anxiety

Peggy ( RS #305 8/4/12, #337 7/20/13 , YT  )has been suffering from neck pain and upper back pain for over 15 years. The pain radiates down her right arm. She gets pain in her left foot and leg from a bunion. She has difficulty sleeping and she attributes it to menopause. She has suffered from depression and anxiety for 20 years and takes medication in order to maintain the depression and anxiety. After the NBE treatment, her neck pain and arm pain is improved, she is able to sleep better, and she is completely off her anti-depressant.

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