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Shoulder Pain, Nerve Pain, Arm Pain, Thumb Pain, Constipation, Eyes Itchy, Stress, Rib Pain, Popping in Knees

Calvin (see #363 4/26/2014) was shot on a hunting trip and broke his collarbone.  Now the bone is pinching on a nerve and the pain radiates down his left arm to his thumb.  He has had constipation throughout his life and has to take fiber supplements.  His eyes often feel itchy as though there is sand in them.  With the NBE treatment, he feels better overall and has less pain.

Laryngitis, Neck Pain, Numbness in Hands and fingers, Leg Pain, Neuropathy in feet, Frequent Urination, Diabetes

Bruce (RS #294 1/21/12, #362 4/19/2014YT ) has had chronic laryngitis for many years with a history of acute bronchitis.  He also suffers from chronic neck pain, leg pain, and occasional headaches.  Bob was also diagnosed with diabetes and has neuropathy in both feet.  With the NBE treatment, his pain symptoms have been greatly reduced.

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