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Neck Pain, Arthritis, Knee Pain, Hip Pain, Acid Reflux, Hypertension, Eczema, Asthma

Della (see #363 4/26/2014) has suffered from arthritis for the past 30 years.  She has had pain in her neck, knee, and hip.  She has had acid reflux and suffers from eczema for about 30 years.  She has had asthma for the past 10 years.  With NBE treatment, her neck and hip feels much better.

Low Back Pain, Neck Pain, Bulging Disc, Shoulder Pain, Arm Pain

Thai (YT English, YT Vietnamese) suffered from low back pain and required a cane to walk for 6 months. She has intermittent neck pain due to bulging disc at c-5 for about 10 years. She also has shoulder and arm pain. She says the pain are gone after the NBE treatment.

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