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Osteoporosis, GERD, Digestive Problems, Generalized Pain

(Marilyn, from Woodland Hills) – In June 2003, Marilyn was diagnosed with osteoporosis and was prescribed with Fosamax. Two hours later, her entire digestive system was thrown off. She lost 20 pounds in five weeks. She could not eat without indigestion. She had trouble sleeping and could not even drink water without pain. She experienced acid reflux and was miserable. She consulted three gastroenterologists who prescribed medication for GERD (Gastroesophageal esophageal reflux disease) and her gastrin levels shot up to 285. Her problems kept escalating. She stopped all her medication and stuck to a bland diet. She began to feel slightly better. Her friend Mary referred her to Dr. Tong. By the time she came to see him she was down to 90 pounds, she was still losing weight from malabsorption of her food, and she had no social life. She was emotionally miserable. After 8 treatments with Dr. Tong, she can eat a greater variety of foods and she has gained 10 pounds. The burning sensation in her chest is gone and she feels like socializing again.

Hypersensitivity Reaction from Insect Bites, Rash

Rose (see #123 6-21-03, from Fullerton, CA) Insect bites caused Rose’s skin to swell and itch. After one treatment from Dr. Tong, the heat and redness from the bites were subdued.

Jane – caller from San Diego – 1984 diagnosed with HHV6 virus, bed ridden ever since.

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