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Auto Accidents (Failure of Broken Ankles to Heal Properly)

Anne, (see #360 4-5-2014 from Redondo Beach, CA YT ) This 72 years young woman is returning to school to study chiropractics. An auto accident a year ago left Anne with broken ankles that failed to heal properly. After 2 treatments from Dr. Tong, her ankles, which looked deformed, started to reform its anatomical shape.

Hypersensitivity Reaction from Insect Bites, Rash

Rose (see #147 2-14-04, from Fullerton, CA) Insect bites caused Rose’s skin to swell and itch. After one treatment from Dr. Tong, the heat and redness from the bites were subdued.

Antonette (caller from Riverside, CA) – Diagnosed with Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia

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