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Lupus, Joint Pain, Depression, Anxiety, Acne

Jennifer (from Orange County, CA) who works at Well’s Fargo Bank started noticing inflamed fingers and toes when she was 15 years old. Doctors did numerous tests on her, which all came out negative (including Lupus, Scleroderma, Raynaud’s disease). They told her there was nothing wrong with her, even though her digits were turning purple. Her toes and fingers were beginning to swell and she was feeling horrible. Then a year ago, she developed a red rash that looked like a pimple that was very big on her nose, which did not disappear. She got a biopsy done on it and was told that she had exterior Lupus (even though the Lupus test was negative). She was put on medication and consequently became depressed, angry, and would just start crying. Anti-depressants made her fatigued and she began having black circles around her eyes and started breaking out.

After Dr. Tong’s first treatment, even though she was skeptical, her attitude completely changed. She was not as cold anymore, she was less anxious, less angry, and could cope with every day life much easier. Recently, she had lab results back and found out she had an internal positive lupus test, high liver enzymes, and low thyroid. She received another treatment and is feeling much better.

Renal Disease, Hypertension, Arthritis, Neck Pain, Upper Back Pain, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Edema, History of Heart Attack

Mike (see #122 6-14-03, from San Gabriel, CA) is a retired carpet cleaner. Mike suffered from a renal disease and has been on medication for 3 years now and was told that he would have to take it for the rest of his life. He also had high blood pressure which caused his kidney disease. He suffered from arthritis in hands and neck, diagnosed with CTS, and had a history of heart attack. Edema and swelling in his legs and ankles brought him to the doctor, who gave him Lasix for his symptoms. After his first treatment from Dr. Tong 3 days ago, the pain in his neck and upper back was greatly improved (more range of motion). His nocturia has also improved.

Heart Palpitations, Back Pain, Melancholy, Sadness

Jeanne (see #106 2-8-03, #110 3-15-03, from Palmdale, CA) This 3rd grade teacher came to see Dr. Tong because of problems with heart palpitations and back pain. Within Dr. Tong’s first 2 treatments she had more mobility, range of motion, and fluidity in her movement. She was more comfortable and had more energy. She subsequently consulted Dr. Tong for emotional problems after receiving news that her friend in Australia was terminally ill. Dr. Tong guaranteed to her that after her treatment, she would feel much better. To her amazement, as she was ready to leave, her emotional weight was lifted. She then planned a trip to Australia to visit her friend and was emotionally healthy throughout. Her mother then passed away 2 months later and with the help of Dr. Tong’s treatment, she was able to speak at the funeral while maintaining her emotional health.

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